• What We Ate Last Week – January 24, 2011

    Monday – Hoppin’ John, Basmati Rice, Salad

    Tuesday – Refrigerator Soup: leftover red beans, chuck roast, green beans,  rice, and a jar of homemade chicken broth. A good day to make refrigerator soup is the day before grocery shopping. And my rule of thumb is it can go in the soup if it’s less than 5 days old. (Or, if the leftover is more than 5 days old, don’t put it in the soup.)

    Wednesday – out to eat with Frish’s coupons

    Thursday – Italian Sausage Subs with peppers and onions, Baked Beans, Cinnamon Applesauce

    Friday – Spaghetti and Meatsauce, Garlic Bread, Spinach Salad

    Saturday – out to eat at Chipotle

    Sunday – Homemade Hamburgers, Tater Tots, Green Peas with Dill

    I feel like this was an interesting week to resurrect What We Ate Last Week. But, because I’m committed to to doing this I must be honest: We ate out twice last week.  Oh well, that’s the point. Awareness of what we eat, and where our food comes from, is essential to making any sort of change toward eating “better”. I don’t have an opposition to eating out, but we try to eat out infrequently because:

    #1: I think by and large eating out is expensive. On the average I spend about $165.00/week for groceries for a family of five. This includes food for packed school lunches, breakfast at home, and assorted cleaning supplies, beauty products, good coffee for coffee at home, etc. (I’ve found through experience that if I make additional trips to Target to buy cleaning supplies I spend more money in the end. Although I might save $1 on a bottle of shampoo, I spend $10 on a new scarf, so I do what works for me to keep impulsive spending to a minimum.)

    #2: I’m fortunate to have good cooking skills and I believe (personal opinion) that what I cook at home tastes better than Frish’s or Chipotle anyday. Plus we get to stay home. My kids are out running around enough. Eating at home and being together at home is good for our souls.

    #3 Cooking at home puts me in charge of the ingredients used in my food: oils, salt, types of meat, etc., are my decision and not the whim of a line cook.

    Why I do this?

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