Episode 56 l 5 Secrets to Consistent Content Creation
Episode 56 l 5 Secrets to Consistent Content Creation

Do you struggle with regular content creation? Do you start strong with a good idea for a book, blog, or newsletter, but then fizzle out and lack consistency in the producing of the blog posts, newsletters, or cookbooks?

Marketing yourself and your business require a strategy to build a relationship with your audience. Be it your future customers, current clients, possible publishers, or your ideal reader, they need to get to know you better to have a relationship with you and perhaps buy from you or publish your book. One of my superpowers over the years has been the ability to create consistent content in my business. Consistent content is queen. Customers like consistency. It’s trustworthy. Publishers like consistency. It’s dependable. Your readers like consistency. They want to hear from you. They like what you write about. In order to help you move from struggling and overwhelmed, I want to share my five secrets to consistent content creation.

  1. Decide if you want to create consistent content. You can do this if you want to. If your answer is yes, then let’s do it! If your answer is no, that’s ok. Quit beating yourself up and move on to another way to spend your time.
  2. Pick one day and a specific time: I write newsletter and blog post content once a week on Mondays. I spend no more than two hours to do this. I get it done and don’t have to worry about the newsletter or blog post until the next Monday. On Mondays, my sweet spot is between the hours of  8 – 10 am. I set myself up for success. I don’t schedule phone calls during this time. I don’t run errands during this time. I don’t go get coffee with a friend during this time. This time is for my content. Each and every Monday morning. For you, it might be midnight – 2 am. The time doesn’t matter. Just pick a time where you are awake, alert, focused. And I hear what you’re thinking: but I’ve got little kids, I have a job, I have so much to do, I’m so busy. If that’s the case, go back to #1 and decide. An added bonus secret is to record or write your content in batches. This means you create content for a few weeks at a time. Then you’re ahead of the game and each week it’s not a rush to create content for the next week. 
  3. Get yourself in a good feeling place before you write. I like to show up on Mondays (and every day, quite frankly) refreshed and ready. For me, this means I have completed my morning routine and I’m cleaned up for the day. I can’t produce when I’m sitting around feeling and smelling like I just crawled out of bed. I work better when I’m clean, dressed, smell good, and my household tasks that I do on Monday mornings are underway.
  4. Show up at your computer or laptop. Sit down