Episode 72: 10 Questions To Gauge Your Perseverance in Cookbook Writing
Episode 72: 10 Questions To Gauge Your Perseverance in Cookbook Writing

Welcome to this episode today as we talk about perseverance as cooks, bakers, writers, and podcasters. 

We live in a world where we want everything quick. Better yet, how about immediate, fast, and tomorrow is too late. In an instant-ramen-noodle-style life, we don’t want to wait, work hard, or feel challenged. We just want results.

The truth is that most book projects are more like making a batch of chicken stock than they are like instant ramen noodles. Stock can’t be rushed if we want excellent results. To make the best stock we have to be willing to let the ingredients simmer and allow the heat to extract the flavor and gelatin from the bones. The results are worth the time and effort of preparing stock the correct way.

Perseverance is defined as steadfastness in doing something despite delay or difficulty in achieving success. Making the commitment to anything new provides fuel to get you started. When you sign a publishing contract, you commit to completing a manuscript. When you launch an online program, you see it through in spite of any difficulties you may encounter. Ask anyone who is in the middle of a book-writing project, or launching a new program, and they will tell you that determination and persistence, aka perseverance, drives them toward the finish line.

You aren’t going to find anybody that’s going to be successful without making a sacrifice and without perseverance. – Lou Holtz

While researching material for this podcast I created a set of questions based on qualities that are present in individuals who persevere. With those in mind, and using my experiences with book and work projects (and marriage and raising children!), I added more qualities that I’ve found to be helpful for perseverance. So get a piece of paper and a pen and here are the questions you can ask yourself!

  1. Do you feel resilient?  When you come upon a challenge or setback in a project, you may feel defeated. The choice is now yours: you can quit or bounce back and keep trying.
  2. Do you ask for help if you’re stuck? Feeling supported and connected in the achievement of your goal help you persevere m. Seek out role models or mentors that you can turn to when you have questions.
  3. Do you practice self-compassion? Take it easy on yourself if you make a mistake. Avoid negative thoughts about setbacks and do give yourself a misstep. Practice positive self-talk and get yourself back on track to completion.
  4. Do you accept that uncertainty of the outcome is a reality? Surrender to the fact that you can’t control a lot of what happens in your life. Focus on what you can control – your hard work and effort.
  5. Do you maintain a sense of humor? There’s a time to be serious and strict, but be sure you balance that with the ability to laugh at yourself and your mistakes and move on.
  6. Are you a mindful person? Focus on today, and the hour