“I left the Bluegrass State a quarter century ago, but my appetite for its distinctive dishes and flavors has never wavered. The particular grace of Maggie’s book is that the recipes-from burgoo and bourbon slush to hot brown and beer cheese-are so unmistakably Kentucky that just reading them is like taking a trip back home. Eating them is even better.” — Kat Kinsman, Editor at Large, Tasting Table

“A brilliant collection of the best flavors and traditions Kentucky has to offer. Not simply old-fashioned family favorites, but modern classics from the chefs and restaurants that have revitalized the Bluegrass. These are the comfort foods I crave when I’m abroad, and the local gems I show off whenever company comes to call. The recipes are warm and inviting, with photography to show each dish as it was meant to be: on your table.” — Stella Parks, Pastry Chef & Author,

“Nowhere in America has a stronger combination of kitchen tradition and contemporary cuisine than does Kentucky. Maggie Green left no stone unturned in securing the recipes that prove it. With Tasting Kentucky, Maggie Green and Sarah Jane Sanders have cooked up an instant classic.” — Alan Cornett, Eat Kentucky

“This lush volume of recipes proves that Kentucky cuisine is more than just grits and juleps. A new generation of farmers and chefs are paving a path of delicious new traditions that will redefine what we eat for a long long time.” —
Edward Lee, 610 Magnolia and TV Show Mind of A Chef

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