The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook offers more than just recipes. In addition to over 200 recipes, Maggie offers stories around food, family, and the table,  seasonal menus, cooking tips, ingredient information, a Kentucky fresh produce availability chart, and a unique 12-month layout that allows the cooks to see distinctions from month to month, not just season to season. Maggie hopes to help cooks to become betters seasonal cooks, in touch with locally available ingredients and products.

Below is an an excerpt with sample pages of the cookbook. The warm interior with shade of brown and green remind the cook of the connection of food ingredients to the earth, and the warm illustrations by Cricket Press, a local Kentucky illustrator,  add even more warmth and thoughts of the kitchen to the book.  If you are interested in a full  digital ARC  of the book for print or food blog reviews, please send an e-mail to hello (at) kentuckyfreshcookbook.com.

Sample Pages Kentucky Fresh Cookbook

Cover Image

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