Fall Cookbook Roundup
Fall Cookbook Roundup

Fall is a favorite time of year for cookbook publication, so it’s time for my annual fall cookbook roundup referencing lists from foodies websites, Publishers Weekly, and newspapers. The lists include authors who have written more than one book, I like to remember that for many of the authors this their first book. And every book starts with an idea they had about a topic related to food, cooking, or the kitchen.

And be sure to read the last link about a 19-year old who published a print food magazine.

Huffington Post
Huff Post looks foward to the end of summer with their top 10 fall cookbooks, some from food bloggers, and some from chefs who’ve written mutiple cookbooks. All give us a chance this fall to bake, cook, and slow-cook.

Epicurious takes a look at cookbooks as “the pendulum has swung back to home cooking, and publishers have heard the call.” Chefs and restaurants are no longer front and center of the list that Epicurious has chosen.

Eater take a look at the Biggest Restaurant Cookbooks of Fall 2017.

Publishers Weekly
PW describes their list as “eclectic” as the books address topics from work hunger to feeding the resistance.

Tasting Table
TT claims that the 37 books they’ve selected will change the way you cook.

LA Times
An “impressive” list with first books about Native American cuisine, drinking food of Thailand, and making bread.

Here’s what I call an amazing story about a 19-year old college student who wanted to write a print publication. So, she went “nerd deep” on a topic and published a magazine. Don’t ever let anyone stop you from your cookbook or print-publication dreams.

Cookbook author and culinary dietitian Maggie Green coaches aspiring cookbook authors on writing cookbooks and cookbook proposals and building their author platform. Download her checklist “Am I Ready to Write A Cookbook?”



Food Trends 2017
Food Trends 2017

It’s time for my annual Food Trends update, this time of course focusing on predictions and trends for 2017 in food, nutrition, restaurants, and ingredients.

I find the focus on regional American cuisines and plant-based eating refreshing as well as the return to home cooked meals for Generation Z. This is a lot to digest, but included are some nice links to PDFs from Sterling-Rice Group, Baum + Whiteman, and the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot Culinary Forecast for 2017, as well as a list from Global Food Forums, that they keep updated as new lists and trend reports are published.

Global Food Forums: 2017 Food Trends
Top trend lists in food, beverage, and nutritional product trends for 2017

National Restaurant Association: What’s Hot 2017 Culinary Forecast

Sterling-Rice Groups: 10 Cutting Edge Culinary Trends for 2017

NPD: Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

Washington Post: Plant proteins, healthy fats and more 2017 food trends

Tasting Table: Our predictions for the most delicious food and drink tends of the year

Eater: Every Single Food Trend That’s Been Predicted for 2017

Kim Severson: The Dark (and Often Dubious Art of Forecasting Food Trends)

Linked-in David Craig: 2017 Food Trends Roundup

Oldways: Five Food Trends to Make 2017 The Best Year Ever

QSR: 12 Fast Food Trends for 2017

International Food Information Council Foundation: Functional foods, sustainability, protein, CRISPR, What’s Healthy

Baum + Whiteman International Food + Restaurant Consultants:
13 Hottest Food & Beverage Trends in Restaurant & Hotel Dining for 2017

Cookbook author and culinary dietitian Maggie Green coaches aspiring cookbook authors in the process of writing cookbooks, cookbook proposals, and building their author platform. Download her checklist “Am I Ready to Write A Cookbook?”

175 Simple Wintertime Pleasures
175 Simple Wintertime Pleasures

This week is my favorite week of the year. It’s officially winter, the Christmas season is in full swing, the kids are out of school, and my days are different. The best part too is that this is true for most everyone. To celebrate I’d like to share my list of 175 simple wintertime pleasures. If you can’t get in the spirit of the holiday season, or if you’re looking too far ahead to 2012, take some time to sit and reflect on this list. Maybe you might want to even work on your own list. Every year when I read this it makes me smile. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. A blank page
  2. A clean bill of health
  3. A dad and son headed out to run errands
  4. A drive through Kentucky back roads
  5. A dusting of snow that won’t melt
  6. A few priorities for the week
  7. A fresh notebook
  8. A freshly bathed dog
  9. A freshly vacuumed rug
  10. A good tear jerker
  11. A hard day’s work
  12. A hilarious movie
  13. A hot shower
  14. A job well done
  15. A juicy homemade burger
  16. A Kroger card for a school family in need
  17. A Midnight train to Georgia
  18. A new pen
  19. A new recipe
  20. A new white shirt
  21. A nice, wide, smile
  22. A note from a friend
  23. A photograph that catches a sideways glance
  24. A pizza party
  25. A pleasant-scented candle
  26. A quiet house on Christmas eve
  27. A roaring fire in the fireplace
  28. A sleeping child
  29. A warm pair of socks
  30. A young boy with a new watch
  31. Accomplishing a task long overdue
  32. Aged Gouda Cheese
  33. An a ha moment
  34. An Aeropress coffee maker
  35. An awake child
  36. An emergency fund
  37. An emphatic yes or no from a child
  38. An evening wine and cheese party
  39. An organized book bag
  40. An unexpected hug
  41. Another writer’s perspective
  42. Automatic coffee pots
  43. Baking Spritz cookies
  44. Baking while snow falls
  45. Bing and David singing “Little Drummer Boy”
  46. Bourbon-barrel ale
  47. Ceramic Santas my Aunt Eileen painted
  48. Chap Stick
  49. Checking something off my list
  50. Chili Con Carne
  51. Christmas spirit candles
  52. Clementine tangerines
  53. Constant Comment tea
  54. Dave Brubeck
  55. Dinner with my sisters and my mother
  56. Doing a little bit at a time
  57. Dreams
  58. Driving the back roads
  59. Dusted tabletops
  60. Eighty’s music
  61. Energy
  62. Fingerprint-less kitchen cabinets
  63. Freedom to live with intention
  64. Fresh Christmas tree
  65. Fresh laundry
  66. Fresh smelling shower gel
  67. Fresh, whole ingredients
  68. Frost on the rooftops
  69. Getting up early
  70. Good health
  71. Gratitude and humility
  72. Hair falling softly around my daughters face
  73. Hand lotion
  74. Happy school-aged and high-school-aged kids
  75. Having a plan
  76. Having the pots and pans cleaned up before dinner is ready
  77. Hearing a first grader read
  78. Honey bell oranges
  79. Hot chai tea with milk and a dash of sugar
  80. Hot green tea to warm my hands
  81. Hot tea and shortbread
  82. Hot, hot water to wash dishes
  83. Ice on the trees
  84. King Rat nutcracker
  85. Knowing I can accomplish a task
  86. Krohn Conservatory Winter flower show
  87. Lazy mornings at home
  88. Leaving a secret note for someone
  89. Lentil soup in the slow cooker
  90. Less is more

25 Random Acts of (mostly food) Kindness
25 Random Acts of (mostly food) Kindness


Happy post-Thanksgiving to everyone! Here are some ideas to share food and kindness this holiday season.

1. Let someone cut in front of you at the grocery store.

2. Send an edible thank-you note – enclose a dark chocolate bar.
3. Take some groceries to an elderly neighbor or a neighbor with a newborn.
4. Volunteer to serve a meal or cook chili non carne for the homeless.
5. Give a larger tip than normal when you eat out.
6. Open a door for someone when they ride in your car.
7. Visit a lonely neighbor.
8. Send chocolate chip cookies to kid away at college for the first time.
9. Invite a widow or widower to a steak dinner.
10. Be polite to the employees at the deli counter.
11. Take a neighbor flowers for Valentine’s Day.
12. Bake sour cream coffeecake for a friend.
13. Listen to your kids talk while you eat a dinner of arugula pesto on pasta.
14. Watch someone’s children during lunchtime and have an indoor picnic.
15. Ask, “Can I bring you some vegetable soup for dinner?”
16. Invite someone new for coffee and scones.
17. Make a new coworker feel welcome. Celebrate with smoky spiced nuts.
18. Smile at strangers everywhere you go.
19. Help with the dishes without being asked.
20. Compliment five people everyday.
21. Offer to pick up a neighbor’s mail.
22. Donate to a nonprofit organization that feeds hungry children.
23. Volunteer to work in the school cafeteria.
24. Visit a nursing home.
25. Send a gift of chex mix anonymously.…