Episode 204: Are There Too Many Cookbooks?

Episode 204: Are There Too Many Cookbooks?

Hello and welcome to another episode of the podcast. I went through a period of time where I actually believed there wasn’t a need for more cookbooks. I can’t even believe I’m telling you this. And there wasn’t a need for sure for a cookbook written by me was what my brain told me. Who would care anyway what I had to say? After some soul-searching and reflections here is what I soon realized about the number of cookbooks out there and how you can take a look at the abundance of cookbooks too. 

  1. Are there too many romance novels, cozy mysteries, children’s books, self-help books, historical fiction, or books about business or marketing? The only people who think this is true are people who don’t like these books or people who want to write these books. They see the abundance of books as a reason not to write instead of a reason to write. We need to let the abundance of books be a reason to write – pointing the way to a topic that is in demand.
  2. Everyone needs to eat. All humans. All ages, sizes, sexes, identities, colors, meat- or veg-eaters. Food touches everyone’s life. And there may come a time when a cook who has never invested money in a cookery book needs one. They are diagnosed with a chronic illness. They have a desire to save money. They want to be healthier. They want to prepare family meals or connect with their family 
  3. And so many of the eaters out there would benefit from a message that helps them: Learn how to prepare fresh vegetables. Learn how to reduce their fasting blood glucose with food. Learn how to make cupcakes. Learn how to use their air-fryer. Learn how to have fun planning a week’s worth of meals. Learn how to save money on grocery store expenses.
  4. Your perspective on a cookery topic matters. In the Fall of 2022, there are new cookie cookbooks, cookbooks by debut authors, and sheet pan cookbooks being released. Are any of those topics new?
  5. It is important to marinate in the fact that cookbooks impact people in a very real way – physically and emotionally. All cooks have the potential to feel better when they read or eat meals using our books. So many cooks. So many things they want to learn. If we don’t write a book that helps them who will? And even if others are writing books for some of the eaters, there are more eaters who are waiting for you. Because you have a unique message and perspective to share.

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