Episode 214: Interview with Sheet Pan Expert and Author Molly Gilbert

Episode 214: Interview with Sheet Pan Expert and Author Molly Gilbert

Hello and welcome to another episode of the podcast – today on the podcast I’m excited to share an interview with Molly Gilbert. Molly is the founder of the food blog Dunk & Crumble and according to the back of her new book  the original Sheet Pan Queen. A decade ago Molly’s hit debut cookbook Sheet Pan Suppers birthed one of the biggest food trends in getting dinner on the table quickly, efficiently, and deliciously. Now with her latest book Sheet Pan Sweets, Molly has brought the same sense of effortless accomplishment to the dessert table. In Sheet Pan Sweets we find 80 easy and innovative recipes that deliver the perfect dessert for any occasion, season, or holiday, including layer cakes, bars, cookies, roll cakes, and slab pies. Today on the podcast Molly and I talk about sheet pans, what makes them special, sheet pan recipes for Fall baking, and Molly’s process for writing a cookbook. 

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Sheet Pan Sweets Cookbook

Weeknight Baking 

Baking with Dorie

Simple Cakes

Zoe Bakes

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