Episode 219: Pasta Grannies and Pasta Grannies: Comfort Cooking with Vicky Bennison

Episode 219:  Pasta Grannies and Pasta Grannies: Comfort Cooking with Vicky Bennison

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the podcast. Spending time with our family and friends has never felt so important – and so often, this means cooking for the ones you love. Who better to take inspiration from than the Pasta Grannies who have spent their lives plating comfort and connection? Today on the podcast, I’m excited to serve up a conversation with Vicky Bennison.

Vicky is the creator of the Pasta Grannies YouTube Channel and author of two cookbooks by the same name, Pasta Grannies: The Official Cookbook and her newest book, Pasta Grannies: Comfort Cooking. Today on the podcast, we talk about Vicky’s original goal of collecting handmade pasta shapes in Italy, which turned into Vicky’s falling in love with the grannies and their dedication to home cooking. Vicky shares stories of two of the grannies who, at 91 and 99, respectively, are making comfort foods every day using ingredients that they grow or that are a reflection of the area around their homes.

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Pasta Grannies on You Tube

Pasta Grannies: Comfort Cooking 

Pasta Grannies Website

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