Episode 223: Being a Cookbook Writer: Dinner is Done with Marcia Smart

Episode 223: Being a Cookbook Writer: Dinner is Done with Marcia Smart

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today I’m excited to have an interview with Marcia Smart. Marcia Smart is a culinary instructor, nationally-published food writer, and the owner of Smart in the Kitchen School. Inside this beautiful cookbook, you’ll find Marcia’s favorite cooking class recipes and be inspired to prepare them in your kitchen. Dinner is Done also includes Marcia’s personal story of how Smart in the Kitchen and Smart in the Kitchen School came to be, her philosophy on cooking and ingredients, the core lessons Marcia teaches in cooking classes, her love of family dinners and tips for how to pull them off in your own home. Listen in as Marcia and I discuss her cooking class business, the expansion of her business during the pandemic, Marcia’s book publishing journey, tips for cookbook promotion, and advice for aspiring cookbook writers. We wrap up talking about the importance of a style guide as well as Marcia’s favorite recipes.

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Things We Mention In This Episode:

Dinner is Done by Marcia Smart

Suzanne Goin Amateur Gourmet

Mimi Thorisson A Kitchen In France

Samrin Nosrat Salt Fat Acid Heat

Dorie Greenspan Baking With Dorie

Alexandra Stafford Bread Toast Crumbs

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