Episode 249: Being a Cookbook Author: How to Build Your Brand with Nick DiGiovanni

Episode 249: Being a Cookbook Author: How to Build Your Brand with Nick DiGiovanni

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today on the podcast, I have an interview with Nick DiGiovanni. Nick is a chef, food content creator, and world record holder for numerous food-related feats. After becoming the youngest-ever finalist on MasterChef, Nick rapidly gained a loyal, eager-to-learn audience for his award-winning video content. Nick cooks almost daily, drawing inspiration from the many chefs he’s worked with as well as his diverse extended family. His goal in life is to make the world a happier, better-fed place through food. Today on the podcast, we talk about the inspiration Nick received from his grandma, his competition on MasterChef, his advice for chefs and cookbook authors who want to build a brand so that they can connect with their audience, as well as Nick’s belief in kitchen techniques and the use of QR codes in his debut cookbook.

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