25 Random Acts of (mostly food) Kindness

25 Random Acts of (mostly food) Kindness


Happy post-Thanksgiving to everyone! Here are some ideas to share food and kindness this holiday season.

1. Let someone cut in front of you at the grocery store.

2. Send an edible thank-you note – enclose a dark chocolate bar.
3. Take some groceries to an elderly neighbor or a neighbor with a newborn.
4. Volunteer to serve a meal or cook chili non carne for the homeless.
5. Give a larger tip than normal when you eat out.
6. Open a door for someone when they ride in your car.
7. Visit a lonely neighbor.
8. Send chocolate chip cookies to kid away at college for the first time.
9. Invite a widow or widower to a steak dinner.
10. Be polite to the employees at the deli counter.
11. Take a neighbor flowers for Valentine’s Day.
12. Bake sour cream coffeecake for a friend.
13. Listen to your kids talk while you eat a dinner of arugula pesto on pasta.
14. Watch someone’s children during lunchtime and have an indoor picnic.
15. Ask, “Can I bring you some vegetable soup for dinner?”
16. Invite someone new for coffee and scones.
17. Make a new coworker feel welcome. Celebrate with smoky spiced nuts.
18. Smile at strangers everywhere you go.
19. Help with the dishes without being asked.
20. Compliment five people everyday.
21. Offer to pick up a neighbor’s mail.
22. Donate to a nonprofit organization that feeds hungry children.
23. Volunteer to work in the school cafeteria.
24. Visit a nursing home.
25. Send a gift of chex mix anonymously.

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