Episode 251: Writing Research-heavy Books for Cooks with Niki Segnit

Episode 251: Writing Research-heavy Books for Cooks with Niki Segnit

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today on the podcast, I have an interview with Niki Segnit. Niki is the author of Lateral Cooking and The Flavor Thesaurus, which won the Andre Simon Award for best food book, The Guild of Food Writers Award for best first book, and was shortlisted for the Galaxy National Book Awards. Niki’s newest book, The Flavor Thesaurus more flavors, features 99 essential ingredients and hundreds of flavor combinations, all while exploring the character and tasting notes of key plant-based ingredients. On the show today, Niki and I talk about writing a research-heavy book, flavor pairings for popular summer and fall vegetables, as well as how home cook can use her books to reduce food waste and feel inspired when cooking, baking, or making cocktails.

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The Flavor Thesaurus More Flavors

The All Colour Cookery Book by Jeni Wright

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