Episode 268: Being a Cookbook Writer: Diving into Grains, Botanicals, and Baking with Rose Wilde

Episode 268: Being a Cookbook Writer: Diving into Grains, Botanicals, and Baking with Rose Wilde

Welcome to the latest episode of the podcast. I’m excited to be here today with an interview with Rose Wilde. Rose is the owner of RedBread and the author of the newly released book Bread and Roses: 100 GrainForward Recipes Featuring Global Ingredients and Botanicals. Today on the podcast, Rose and I talk all about her beautiful recently released book and the design features of the book, including colored paper pages and lovely illustrations combined with photography. We then go on to talk about botanicals, the recipe for confetti cake that contains veggies, as well as Rose’s tips for how to start writing, believing in yourself, and Rose’s collection of over 300 cookbooks, including some of her favorites. This is an episode I’ll probably go back and listen to, and I swear I could have talked to Rose for another hour about all the things related to baking and cookbooks. 

Before we dive into the show, I wanted to let you know that in 2024 the Get Paid to Get Published Program is going to undergo a renovation. I’ve had the program for 3 years, and it’s time for me to shake things up a bit. So this is all to say that if you want to write a cookbook and get paid an advance or royalties by a publisher to write the book, then you need to join before the renovations take place. You’ll be “grandmothered” into all the upcoming changes that will all be for the better – to help you get better results pitching a cookbook idea to a publisher that it rooted in who you are and what you do. Head on over to www.cookbookwritersacademy.com/free to learn more about the Get Paid to Get Published method and the Get Paid to Get Published program. So without further delay, let’s talk to Rose Wilde, who is truly an embodiment of being true to who she is and what she loves and sharing that in her new cookbook.

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Things We Mention In This Episode:

Learn how to Get Paid to Write a Cookbook So You Don’t Have to Spend Your Own Money to Get Published

Bread and Roses: 100 Grain-Forward Recipes Featuring Global Ingredients and Botanicals

Connect with Rose Wilde online

Grist by Abra Berens

Ice Cream According to Osterberg

Bread Revolution by Peter Reinhart

Breakfast Lunch and Tea by Rose Carrarini 

Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat

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