5 Links About Cookbooks and Food Writing

5 Links About Cookbooks and Food Writing

I enjoy reading articles and blog posts that lead me to new information about topics I’m interested in. Today, I’d like to share 5 links to interesting books, tools, and websites for writing, cookbooks, and food photography.

1. Millions of Cookbooks Sold About Slow Cookers

Originally published in 2000, Phyllis Good’s Fix-It and Forget-It series (based on slow-cooker recipes) has sold over 11 million copies.

Recently, due to chapter 7 bankruptcy, the series was sold to Skyhorse Publishing who plans to relaunch the series with a new title Fix-It and Forget-It Slow Cooker Magic. In addition to new titles, Skyhorse is working to build social media presence, as well as adjust the book’s trim size, and add new concepts for diabetic and low-fat recipes.

Phyllis Good, who still functions as the author says, “I am absolutely devoted to helping people cook at home where they’re in control of what they’re consuming, and I’m always thinking about whether a recipe I just made could be made in a slow cooker. I also keep on experimenting with how to make a slow cooker do its best work. People want and need convenience, but they also want tasty food. That’s the spot where I focus my energies!”

Read more about the Fix-it and Forget-It Lives Again.

2. Prolific Cookbook Writers

I enjoy reading About.com’s Cookbook and Food Writing newsletter. Recently, Allen Salking, About.com’s Cookbook and Food Writing Expert, wrote an article about Dorie Greenspan and Julia Child’s Foolproof Recipe Writing. They include a discussion about writing conversational recipes and being a prolific cookbook writer. Enjoy this interview, here.

3. Food Writing Sins

In another About.com article, Gillian Speiser discusses with Gabrielle Langholtz the 10 Sins Newbie Food Writers Commit. This article discusses catching the attention of an editor and how to avoid the pitfalls of new food writer.

4. IACP Award Winners

On March 29, 2015 at their annual conference in Washington, D.C., IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) presented their annual awards for cookbooks, magazines, food writing, and photography both in print and in the digital space. Here’s the complete list of 2015 winners. If you want to write a cookbook pay attention to the publishers, the editors, and the concepts. The Judges Choice award was a self-published cookbook, Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/day by Leanne Brown.

5. Food Photography for Bloggers

If you want to tweak your food photography, and “be proud of your food photos”, you might be interested in this eBook Tasty Food Photography by Lindsay who writes and photographs the Pinch of Yum food blog

Cookbook author and culinary dietitian Maggie Green coaches aspiring cookbook authors in the process of writing cookbooks, cookbook proposals, and building their author platform. Download her checklist “Am I Ready to Write A Cookbook?”. 

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