5 Tools and Software for Writing A Family or Fundraiser Cookbook

5 Tools and Software for Writing A Family or Fundraiser Cookbook

Through working with private coaching clients I have become aware that many aspiring cookbook authors want to write a family cookbook. I personally believe that a family cookbook represents one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your children, grandchildren, or cousins if they are the type of people who like to cook and keep family recipe traditions alive. For this type of cookbook project it’s not necessary to retain an agent or even to write a book proposal. There are online tools, software, and services that can help you with the process of getting your recipes from your files to a printed book. Here are a few to look at to get you started on a project such as this:

Use one of Blurb’s free and easy cookbook templates to make your cookbook that looks professional and beautiful. Choose from various formats and print quantity (no minimum) to create recipe books, food magazines, or blog-to-book books.

Cook’n Recipe Software
This software is able for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and PC and Mac computers. The software enable social sharing, meal plans, entering personal recipes, creating shopping lists, and lets you pull in recipes from a variety of sources such as Pinterest.

Heritage Cookbook
Designed to create family or fundraising cookbooks, your membership allows you to choose a binding and pick a design for your cookbook. You can invite collaborators from your family to enter their recipes and add stories and captions if you wish. Order and print your cookbooks and in just about a month, you’ll have the family cookbook ready to distribute.

Create My Cookbook
Make your own cookbook with custom binding styles and customized options. Add your own recipes and photos and customize each page of the cookbook. Order as many as you want – with no minimums.

Matilda’s Fantastic Cookbook Software
Software program that includes print templates so you can make your recipes look “fantastic”. This software runs on your computer and doesn’t require internet access to function and design your book. Includes custom covers, table of contents, and a family tree, to make a cookbook file that you can print on your own home computer. According to their website, “Matilda works great for grannies and gurus.”

Once popular, TasteBook is making changes to their platform and as of January 31, 2016 their Personal Recipe Boxes and custom TasteBook cookbooks will be phased out. Check out what they have to offer, but know that this service is changing in 2016.

Cookbook author, editor, and Culinary Dietitian Maggie Green, RDN, LD coaches first-time cookbook authors during the pre-publication phase of writing a cookbook. 

Would you like to write a cookbook, but feel alone in the pre-publication phase of writing?

Are you stuck thinking about your cookbook idea or has you project fizzled?

Do you feel overwhelmed with publishing options and the recipes, photography, and publishing process?

I’ve been there. I know first-hand that there’s not a lot of support for first-time cookbook authors who don’t have an agent or a publisher yet.  That’s why I started my work as a cookbook writing coach.

Here are a few resources for you as you venture into the world of cookbook writing: 

An 11-point checklist that helps you answer the question, “Am I Ready to Write a Cookbook?”

Cookbook Writing Workbook

What Is A Cookbook Coach? 

10 Reasons to Hire A Cookbook Coach



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