Are You A Pro?

Are You A Pro?

I’m fascinated with pros.

(And if you haven’t read Steven Pressfield’s book Turning Pro, I recommend you head to the library or bookstore.)

Here is what Steven Pressfield says about pros. And, I’ve added a few of my own.

  • Pros show up every day even when no one else looks or claps.
  • Pros stay on the job.
  • Pros are patient.
  • Pros seek order.
  • Pros act in the face of fear.
  • Pros accept no excuses from themselves.
  • Pros are prepared.
  • Pros ask for help.
  • Pros master techniques of their craft.
  • Pros practice.
  • Pros don’t take success or failure personally.
  • Pros endure adversity.
  • Pros reinvent themselves.
  • Pros are recognized by other pros.
  • Pros use their mornings effectively.
  • Pros are courageous.
  • Pros are committed.
  • Pros focus.
  • Pros decide.
  • Pros work. (Steven Pressfield says, “Amateurs Tweet. Pros Work.” Ouch.)
  • Pros have integrity even to themselves.
  • Pros live in today, not the past stories.
  • Pros defer gratification.
  • Pros aren’t afraid of negative emotion, in fact, they allow it and act in spite of it.
  • Pros don’t wait for inspiration to sit down and focus.
  • Pros act in anticipation of inspiration.
  • Pros don’t give their power to their ex, kids, spouse, mother, father, co-workers, clients, or neighbors.
  • Pros help others.
  • Pros are consistent.
  • Pros rock.

Cookbook author and culinary dietitian Maggie Green coaches aspiring cookbook authors in the process of writing cookbooks, cookbook proposals, and building their author platform. Download her checklist “Am I Ready to Write A Cookbook?”

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