Baked Chex Mix - Part Duex

Baked Chex Mix - Part Duex

I just have to share a bit of information with you guys (and gals) and it’s not about this butterfly, or spring, or warm weather.  It’s about something food related:

About a month ago I posted several recipes for goodies I traditionally cook/bake around Christmas. This might seem rather odd, but homemade Chex Mix made the cut. We ALWAYS stir together a double batch of Chex Mix to nibble on during the holidays. Chex Mix is the perfect blend of salt, garlic, nuts, and crunch. I like to pick out the corn Chex first, then the rice Chex, then the wheat Chex, and all we’re left with is a bowl of lonely peanuts whose Chex Mix friends have been eaten one by one.

OK – so why am I blabbering on and on about Chex Mix? Well, my blog stats went through the roof back in December when I posted the recipe. Seems that General Mills had modernized their recipe by “baking” the mix in the microwave oven. They did this to all recipes on their boxes of cereal and their website. Can you imagine Chex Mix made in the microwave? Well, not me. Here on this blog you’ll find the old-fashioned oven-baked recipe. According to key search words many, many of you also want to make the oven-baked version, not the new fangled microwave-baked recipe.

This past week we were iced and snowed in by a massive storm which cut a swath of downed trees and power lines from Texas to New York. My state of Kentucky was particularly hard hit. Coinciding with this ice storm I’ve watched my blog stats go through the roof, again, due to searches for “oven baked” Chex mix. I mentioned this to the best male cook I know after dinner last night. “Do you think the ice storm is driving this search for oven-baked chex mix?” He looked at me as if I had two heads and replied in sort of a flat voice, “Ice storm? No, that’s not what it is. It’s the Super Bowl.” THE SUPER BOWL – I’m pretty sure he’s right – it’s the Super Bowl! Oven-baked chex mix and the Super Bowl are a perfect match. Salt, crunch, nuts, touchdown!

I say welcome if you’re here looking for the recipe for oven-baked Chex mix. Be sure to come back and visit from time to time. Better yet subscribe to my RSS feed and you’ll automatically be alerted to updates. But since you’re here, take a few minutes to read some other favorite posts and recipes:

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