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Consuming VS Creating

One of my favorite things to do is consume. I love to read. Eat. Drink red wine. Watch reruns of Downton Abbey and The Great British Baking Show. Listen to podcasts. Look at Instagram. Read the Wall Street Journal. And the obituaries in our local paper. I mean who doesn’t?
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Why Join a Mastermind Group?

In a recent blog post, I introduced the concept of a Mastermind Group and how a Mastermind Group can be beneficial for support, growth, accountability, and positive mental energy when it comes to your business, career, or personal life. I like the idea of joining a Mastermind Group and can see at
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Time To Get Off The Struggle Bus

Recently I overheard a conversation about the “struggle bus”. There were people on this struggle bus. The story involved drama and situations described as hard and unfair. Since that conversation, I’ve heard a lot of people using the word struggle to describe their clients, jobs, writing, relationships, toddlers, and teens.
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