Cookbook and Food Writing Links Vol. 2

Cookbook and Food Writing Links Vol. 2

Whether you write articles, newsletters, books, or blog posts, it takes discipline to sit down and write. There are so many other things I know I could be doing right now rather than writing this newsletter. The sun shines. The air is cool. My flowers need a drink of water. I’m hungry. I’m tired of sitting. I need some tea. My kitchen floor needs to be swept. And what about that good idea I had for a new project, maybe I will do some research?

1. If you’re like me, you have a lot going on and perhaps many writing tasks that need to be done on different parts of your work. Here are 5 Steps You Can Take Today to Organize Your Writing Life.

2. If you ever think of self-publishing your book (meaning you wear every hat in the publishing process) you’ll enjoy this review of  5 Must Read Blogs for Self-Publishing Authors.

3. It’s not unusual to hear writers complain about writing. Complain about agents. Complain about publishing. This article takes a look at positives of being a published writer from the perspective of Amber Lee Easton, from Mountain Moxie Publishing and Creative Services.

4. This article is over a year old, but stirred up a great debate recently in a Facebook group I belong to. If you write recipes, you might enjoy this article (from the UK) about recipes using volume VS weight.

Author, editor, and Culinary Dietitian Maggie Green coaches aspiring cookbook authors during the pre-publication phase of writing a cookbook. If you want to write a cookbook, and wonder if you’re ready, download her 11-point checklist Am I Ready to Write a Cookbook?

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