Cookbook Writing Tip - Study Other Cookbooks

Cookbook Writing Tip  - Study Other Cookbooks

To learn more about the cookbook you want to write, and inversely more the cookbook you don’t want to write, immerse yourself in cookbook reading, and cookbook window shopping. Spend some time at the library (libraries usually have extensive cookbook collections), on-line, or in the cookbook section of a bookstore as possible.  Find cookbooks that you like to hold, read, and cook from. Pay attention to what delights you about other cookbooks. These are all clues about the type of book you may want to write. 

A word of caution: don’t let looking at other cookbooks deter you from writing your book. While there may be many thousands of cookbooks published already, it’s important to remember that the book you want to write hasn’t been written yet. Your unique message and your passion in the kitchen can only be written in a way that you can write. You are the one to write that book and connect with your audience in a way that only you can.


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