Episode 110: How Cookbook Writers Get Paid: Cookbook Author Georgia Freedman

Episode 110: How Cookbook Writers Get Paid: Cookbook Author Georgia Freedman

Welcome to another episode of the podcast. One question I get asked frequently  about cookbook writing is, “Is it worth it?” The cost of writing a cookbook could be broken down into the number of hours spent on the project and the money earned reduced to a dollars/hour amount, but what’s always missing from a discussion like that are the valuable, intangible benefits of writing a cookbook. To dive into this topic more, I decided to start this series How Cookbook Writers Get Paid. Today I have 2x cookbook author Georgia Freedman on the podcast. Georgia a freelance food and travel writer and recipe developer specializing primarily in Asian destinations and California-style home cooking. She is the author of Cooking South of the Clouds—Recipes and Stories from China’s Yunnan Province (Kyle, 2018) co-author of the cookbook The Chocolate Room—Recipes from Brooklyn’s Favorite Chocolate Cafe (Rizzoli, 2016).

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