Episode 111: 10 Thoughts that Hold Cookbook Writers Back

Episode 111: 10 Thoughts that Hold Cookbook Writers Back

Welcome to another episode of the podcast. I recently held a series of interviews with food & nutrition experts to find out what they considered to be their biggest challenges when it came to writing a cookbook and getting published. I thought it would be fun today to talk a little bit about these challenges and for you to see that you’re not alone if any of these resonate with you too.

  1. I have to get super personal and can’t just share the recipe
  2. I juggle a lot of things already
  3. I don’t want to share stories about my life
  4. I’m not a “professional”
  5. I don’t have a niche
  6. I’m not good at putting in all the extra “fluff” writing
  7. I don’t know the publisher’s side of the equation
  8. How many people are going to bookstores now anyway
  9. I don’t know the publishing process
  10. I can’t find an agent or a publisher

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