Episode 114: Being a Cookbook Writer: 6 Reasons Cookbook Writers Don’t Pitch

Episode 114: Being a Cookbook Writer: 6 Reasons Cookbook Writers Don’t Pitch

Welcome to another episode of the podcast.Today we are going to talk about “not pitching”. In order to become cookbook writers who get paid to write a cookbook, we have to send a publisher our idea for a cookbook. But in reality, we’re not just sending our idea or cookbook concept, we’re sending our belief in ourselves, our readers, and in publishing. Let’s dive into a discussion of 6 reasons that cookbook writers don’t pitch and therefore don’t get paid to write cookbooks.  And if you’re wondering exactly what Cookbook Publishing VS Cookbook Printing, head over to Episode 104.

  1. They can’t decide on what to write about. They have so many ideas. So they don’t pick an idea. When we’re not willing to pick one idea, we can’t pitch. Episode 109 How to Stop Feeling All Over the Place
  2. They are afraid of rejection and in fact this is all that sometimes “publishing gurus” talk about is the rejection. In order to gain a contract with a traditional publisher, we have to be willing to get rejected.
  3. They don’t think they are expert enough. Here’s the truth – to truly help others heal, learn, or have fun in their kitchens you only need to be a few steps ahead of the people you can help. 
  4. They spend too much time looking at competition or colleagues and saying that it’s all been done before or thinking that they have nothing else to add to the conversation. In order to write a cookbook, you don’t need to be ahead of your colleagues and competitors. That’s not the bar. Stop worrying about what colleagues and competitors are doing.
  5. They don’t have a writing and cooking routine. They lack a plan or the discipline to stick to their plan. They don’t have any accountability or a visible path forward. They don’t incorporate the thoughts and actions required to pitch into their week. If you struggle with this, listen in to Episode 108 Commitment Can Feel Terrible.
  6. They don’t think their platform is “big” enough. The secret to getting paid to get published isn’t all about the numbers of a platform. Writing a good proposal can overcome platform numbers. Listen to How Cookbook Writers Get Paid: Literary Agent Sally Ekus Episode 112 for more about this topic of “the size of a platform”.

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