Episode 135: Creating Cooking Class Experiences with Cynthia Samanian

Episode 135: Creating Cooking Class Experiences with Cynthia  Samanian

Hi everybody. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today on the podcast I have a fun interview with  Cynthia Samanian. Cynthia is the Founder and CEO of Hidden Rhythm, an experiential marketing agency for natural food and wellness brands. Cynthia is the host of The Experiential Table podcast where Cynthia and her guests discuss why meaningful experiences are the key to a connected life. Cynthia is also a cookbook lover and the creator of the Cooking Class Business School. Cynthia’s parents immigrated from Iran during the late 1970s and she remembers having family and friends over for dinner as a way for her parents to create their own community in this rather foreign land. Today she does exactly this through her experiential marketing agency and while instructing her students inside the Cooking Class Business School.

Listen to Episode 135 below:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

Hidden Rhythm
Cooking Class Business School
America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook
Baby and Toddler Cookbook
Small Victories
Flavor Bible
Omnivore Books

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