Episode 140: Being a Cookbook Writer: Interview with Home Cook and CPA Turned Cookbook Author Sarah Long

Episode 140: Being a Cookbook Writer: Interview with Home Cook and CPA Turned Cookbook Author Sarah Long

Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today on the podcast I feature an interview with Sarah Long. Sarah is a CPA from Charleston, WVand the author of “College Cooking 101- Fast Food Without a Kitchen”. When Sarah’s daughter went away to college, she did not like the cafeteria food and it became clear pretty quickly that she was going to have to start cooking in her dorm room. A series of texts sent to her daughter on what and how to cook turned into a cookbook proposal that Sarah pitched to publishers, and for which she received 3 offers to publish. In this episode we talk about Sarah’s journey to become a published cookbook author as well as the importance of the balance between the business of writing a cookbook proposal and the creativity of writing a cookbook manuscript, as well as Sarah’s tips for cookbook writers who want to get published without an agent.

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College Cooking 101: Fast Food without a Kitchen

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