Episode 153: Goal Chasing VS Journey Taking

Episode 153:  Goal Chasing VS Journey Taking

I get it. This sounds so basic, but listen…It’s taken me many years to fully understand the difference and the value of a goal vs the willingness to take a journey.

Many times we talk about projects and goals like writing a cookbook in a linear or time-line fashion. The due date. The final word. What a goal is “really” is the end-point. It’s the “thing” that lets us know the journey is over – it’s SMART. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-focused. (I’m not sure I agree with attainable and realistic, but that’s another story 😂)

So we set a goal, then do this, then do that, then you’ll get published.

But, (here comes the but)…the more I write books and coach cookbook writers, the more I realize writing a book and getting published, while it’s a worthy goals, isn’t linear and the process isn’t the same for everyone. 

Today on the podcast, I talk about:

✨the difference between a goal and a journey

✨how when we focus on the journey, the goal becomes increasingly possible

✨how on a journey we become the person who is willing to take the sustained journey until the specific endpoint it reached


Listen to Episode 153 below:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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