Episode 28 l Seasons of Our Lives and Seasonal Cookbooks

Episode 28 l Seasons of Our Lives and Seasonal Cookbooks

Today on the podcast I share an episode about the seasons of our lives and 5 seasonally-focused cookbooks. Every week when I create a solo show for this podcast I ask myself – What can I share today that will help or inspire the people who listen to this podcast? Most often the answer comes from what’s going on in my daily life. So let’s start there as I look over the past week.

  1. This past week our son’s basketball team lost in a tournament game that ended the season. No more Tuesday and Friday night games. No more daily loads of laundry with sweaty uniforms and sock. No more meeting parents at games and cheering on the team.
  2. We started observing the season of Lent. This is 6-weeks of preparation for the renewal of our baptismal promises at Easter. No more unconscious living with food and drink and prayer. Time to pay attention to how I give, eat, and pray.
  3. And the time changed – meaning we lost an hour of sleep on Saturday and hello Daylight Savings Time! No more darkness in the evening. Bring on the light, flowers, warm weather, and spring.

Endings and beginnings – seasons – are a common thread in our everyday lives.

  • Our youngest starts to walk.
  • We start a new business.
  • We are diagnosed with a chronic disease.
  • We embark on the journey of writing a book.
  • We say goodbye to a beloved pet.
  • We watch our children leave home.
  • Our books are published.
  • Our nests are empty.

If we have the privilege of being alive, seasonal living defines us all.

Here’s the good news: what you are experiencing during this season of your life is the perfect canvas to grow and learn something new.

Want to create new content but stuck on what to do a story about?

Write or video the story about your day. Or someone else’s day. Every day is different. Always new stories to share.

Stuck in a food rut and tired of cooking or baking the same food all the time?

Cook (and bake) with the seasons. Try new foods, ingredients, and techniques. Use local foods attuned with the farmers in your area.

Want to connect with new people?

Share your story with real people on your email list, your social media accounts, your Facebook group, your local library, your local schools. People who want to connect are everywhere.

This is what the life of an inspired nutrition, food, cooking, or baking creator is all about: Seasonal Creation. Seasonal Cooking. Seasonal Connection. A place where we can create something meaningful for others. Something that helps make their lives better.

Then guess what happens?

The seasons of our lives are enriched in return. And we can’t help but grow all because we had the courage to see a new season in our life as an opportunity to create, cook, and connect.

Listen to Episode 28 below:

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