Episode 46 l Search Your Collection Series: Cookbook Endsheets

Episode 46 l Search Your Collection Series: Cookbook Endsheets

Welcome back to another episode of the Cookbook Love Podcast. This is the first official Search Your Collection episode of the podcast. Today I want to talk about Endsheets. Endsheets, also know as endpapers, or ends, are the pages at the beginning and of a hardcover book that are used to glue the inside pages (known as the book block) to the hardcover of the book.  Decorated endsheets, while not very common in cookbooks are a relatively inexpensive enhancement to a cookbook. They have the ability to deliver helpful and useful information to the cookbook user, as well as a way to decorate and illustrate the cookbook. In today’s episode, I discuss endpapers and take a look at endpapers as I searched my own collection of cookbooks.

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