Episode 47 l The Cost of Writing a Cookbook

Episode 47 l The Cost of Writing a Cookbook

Welcome back to another episode of the Cookbook Love Podcast. Today we are talking about the Cost of Writing a Cookbook. One of the objections people often have to writing a cookbook is the cost. Truth be told, as a traditionally published cookbook author, I incurred very few direct costs when I wrote my cookbooks. In fact, publishers paid me an advance and royalties when my advance earned out. And, my students who self-publish their books did incur costs of publishing, so today I’ll talk about those. I also talk about cost during the pre-publication phase of writing, costs in post-publication, optional costs writers incur, and my feeling about software for cookbook writing. 

Pre-publication Phase

  • Generate idea
  • Test and develop recipes
  • Write cookbook proposal
  • Book writing software – optional
  • Find agent
  • Find publisher
  • Network with others


  • Website built
  • Website hosting
  • Email list
  • Content creation
  • Social Media presence
  • Facebook group

Publication Phase

  • Contract
  • Advance of Royalties
  • Write manuscript
  • Photography
  • Editing
  • Cover Design
  • ISBN
  • Interior Design
  • Index
  • Blurbs
  • Printing
  • Ebook formatting

Post-Publication Phase

  • Royalties
  • Book sales
  • Wholesale sales
  • Book fairs
  • Cookbook competitions
  • Public Relations work

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