Episode 48l Interview with Alon David of 90x Goal Planner

Episode 48l Interview with Alon David of 90x Goal Planner

As a lover of planners, notebooks, pens, and setting goals and making plans, I today have an interview with the owner and founder of 90 x Goal Planner, ALoN David. 

ALoN DaviD arrived in America without any business leads connections. He had no university network or promising internships. ALoN didn’t even have a solid business idea. But he did have ambition. He had drive. He had the dream to make something of his life.  So while going to school full-time, ALoN decided to get a job working construction for $5.25 per hour. Yet he knew that just getting a degree wasn’t enough, so instead of waking up each day complaining of his situation, ALoN decided he needed to set a goal to keep him focused on his dreams. The only problem was that there weren’t any quality goal-planners or systems out there. So ALoN decided to create his own system that could take a minimum-wage job and turn it into an opportunity.

Inspired to further test his goal-system, ALoN decided in 2010 to start a photography business from scratch. Within a year, the photography business became a 6-figure side-gig and that was when ALoN knew that his 90x goal-system was something special.

Looking to help others effectively set and achieve goals, ALoN put together the first 90x goal-planner. Now, if you’ve ever shopped around for a planner, you know that there are to-do planners, there are planners to help you schedule, there are planners that act more like diaries, but 90x is the first planner to incorporate all of the essential goal-setting elements into one complete system.

So if you’re looking for a planner that can act as a to-do list, while also serving as a space where you can jot down any thoughts or ideas, no problem. With each day having at least two-full pages, you could even write out motivational quotes to keep you inspired, if you’d like. But know that each 90x goal-planner comes filled with inspirational quotes from Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs & other minds that have led their respective generations, so even on the most laziest of days you’ll have all the inspiration you need right in your hands.

Today on the podcast ALoN and I talk about the steps of a vision, the why? The what, and your actions to move forward in a project whether it be writing a book, losing weight, or starting a business. 

Listen to Episode 48 below:

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