Episode 74: Cookbook Writing Appreciation

Episode 74: Cookbook Writing Appreciation

Welcome back to another episode of the Cookbook Love Podcast. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life as a cookbook writer and how much I appreciate what being a cookbook writer has done for my life. I’ve traveled to new places, met amazing cooks and bakers, sat at the table with other amazing authors, and had the opportunity to speak about writing cookbooks. I’ve been able to be creative, help others feel better, and have more fun and success in the kitchen. This is also so much what I want for you and for my cookbook writing students.

The secret to an ability to generate ideas and create the words for recipes and cookbooks, I believe flows from a  state of appreciation and love for our lives just as they are. It’s like appreciation for our lives, our circumstances, and our opportunity to even write a book is the switch to the fun, energetic, and sparkly part of our brains. 

And when we are operating from a state of non-appreciation (or what I also like to call lack-i-tude) there is never enough. Never enough time, ideas, energy, money, or assistance for us to reach our cookbook writing goals. We find ourselves strive, search, and chase, and we never catch up. Lack-i-tude has us in a hole and we’re trying to see to the top of the hole and catch a glimpse of the light. 

So today, I thought it would be fun to focus on the appreciation of cookbook writing and being a cookbook writer. My message to all of my students is that they don’t need to be published, or have a publishing contract to be a cookbook writer. They can decide to commit to dream of writing a cookbook, and become the writer that a publisher loves to work with.

So, let’s think about how we immerse ourselves in Cookbook Writing Appreciation (like a view from the top of a mountain) vs Cookbook Writing Lack-i-tude (with a view from deep in a hole).

Appreciation for the gift of life and that we are here to be able to write a cookbook.

Appreciation for the capability and a brain to make decisions.

Appreciation for the education to learn about recipes, cookbooks, writing, publisher, and agents.

Appreciation for our individual food cultures.

Appreciation for the possibility that we can become cookbook authors.

Appreciation for the cookbook publishers who create beautiful books.

Appreciation for the family and friends who have supported us along the way.

Appreciation for the people engaged with what we create in the kitchen or on our blogs.

Appreciation for the opportunity to create a tangible book.

Appreciation for creativity, and access to the sparkly part of our brains.

Appreciation for our basic human needs being met.

Appreciation for the ability to invest in what we deem valuable.

Appreciation to decide if we want to move forward with a cookbook project or not.

Appreciation for the capacity to love others and let the energy of our love flow to others through food, cooking, baking, and cookbook.

Appreciation for the ability to appreciate and see when we are living in cookbook writing appreciation or the land of lack-i-tude.

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