Episode 80: How Cookbooks Are Sold

Episode 80: How Cookbooks Are Sold

Welcome back to another episode of the Cookbook Love Podcast. Today I want talk about the concept of how cookbooks are sold. We often think in terms of a sale of a cookbook idea to a publisher. But in my opinion, it goes much deeper than that. 

Publishers aren’t here to save cookbook writers.

They can’t help us believe more in ourselves.

They can’t help us connect with readers in a real and genuine way.

They can’t help us believe in our recipes and stories.

They can’t help us believe in the power we have to help others feel better and feel more excited about cooking or baking.

They can’t help us believe in our reader’s ability to get good results or better emotions from our books.

You see, publishers are here to create beautiful books and help us sell them.

But in order to sell anything, we have to be sold.

Sold on ourselves.

Sold on our readers.

Sold on our recipes, stories, menus, glossaries, and other content.

Sold on our power to help others.

Sold on our reader’s capacity to get good results.

Sold on how we can add value to a publisher’s list of authors and to their catalog of books.

So if you want to “find” a publisher, get 100 % sold on you.

So sold that if a publisher says “no” you’ll think they’re just confused.

Then, and only then, when a publisher says “yes” it’s a perfect fit – a sold author, a sold publisher, connecting with sold readers.


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