Episode 88: Behind The Scenes of a Cookbook: Interview with Director of the Drexel University Food Lab, Jonathon Deutsch

Episode 88: Behind The Scenes of a Cookbook: Interview with Director of the Drexel University Food Lab, Jonathon Deutsch

Welcome back to another Behind The Scenes of a Cookbook episode of the podcast. Today on the podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Deutsch. John directs the Food Lab at Drexel University. The Drexel Food Lab is a food product development and culinary innovation lab directed by Jon. Jon is a professor in the Department of Food and Hospitality Management and Department of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel. The Drexel Food Lab engages students in solving real-world problems in the areas of sustainability, health promotion, and access. The underlying principles of the lab’s work are: Do Good. Work on projects that improve the food system. Feed Well. Make products that are tasty and desirable to consumers. Keep Going. Develop market-driven, sustainable solutions that can stand on their own.  In this episode, Jon talks about his experiences partnering with cookbook authors and writing cookbooks at the Food Lab. We discuss how to develop a recipe, the difference between recipe development and testing, the way to test a  recipe, and the benefits the Food Lab offers to the authors of the cookbook projects they have been involved with. At the end of the interview enjoy our conversation about trends in recipes, and a quick-response round with Jon about his preferences in the way cookbook ingredients are expressed in cookbooks. 

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