Kitchen Wisdom

Kitchen Wisdom

Every week of planning and cooking meals leads me to a new revelation. This week I’ve thought more about how the routine of planning contains me. I operate under the rhythm of what I need to do and find peace in my routine. For example, when I run out of an  ingredient I avoid rushing to the supermarket to buy more. Instead, I write the ingredient on a list and wait until my next shopping day to make the purchase. The fact it’s on the list means I don’t have to use my brain power to “remember”. In addition, my shopping trip becomes much more complete because I’m exchanging money for what I need and not what I think I need.

  1. right …what’s the quote? i write things down not so that i remember … but so that i can forget.

    1. I write things down not so that I remember…but so that I can forget? Even if that’s not the quote, it make sense.

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