Productivity App - Drafts

Productivity App - Drafts

Apps that I use on a regular basis are typically related to my habits. For example, I use an app to check the news headlines and another app to monitor the weather. I use an app to take notes and as I mentioned in this post I use Workflowy to outline my to-do list.  

Another one of my favorite apps, Drafts, is useful to me because I can capture and share text in a variety of ways.

When you open the Drafts app it’s a blank screen – ready for you to type. When all you want to do is Tweet, or post to Facebook, Drafts allows you to do so without getting bogged down in a timeline. When you want to send an email you can use Drafts to write and send the email without opening the email app and tapping through several screens to do so. If you need to add something to your reminder list, post a note to Evernote, write a draft and save to Dropbox, schedule an event for your calendar, or set up a reminder, all of this can happen with and through the Drafts app.

It’s quick, easy, and helps capture and act on a text document without the distractions that opening a social media, texting, or email app can bring. It’s a way to write and either save or act on text with “blinders” on. It helps me stay focused and more productive when using my iPhone or iPad. And the app is able to sync with other devices making anything you save in Drafts view-able from another device.


  1. Hi Meggie,
    Do you use any app like Swipes App or Todoist?

    1. I haven’t used Swipes or To Do list. To maintain a general to do list (big picture list, not a daily list) I use WorkFlowy. It’s an app and has an online version that syncs with my phone and tablet. If I want reminders of something to do I put it on my calendar and set a repeating reminder.

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