Productivity App - Workflowy ("Organize Your Brain")

Productivity App - Workflowy ("Organize Your Brain")

Doesn’t everyone maintain a to-do list? I know I do and my to-do list has several purposes: keep up with writing projects, track current client projects, and maintain lists of to-dos for home repairs, family birthdays, and children’s activities. I used to manually keep track of these lists, but ever since I started using Workflowy I now track the list in a modern, cross-platform way.

Workflowy is now my go-to app for outlining and organizing tasks, projects, and even proposal cookbook ideas. Available as an app for iPhone, iPad, and with a Mac/PC interface, Workflowy lists can be updated from any device/computer and then synced to allow access and/or updates on other devices.

Workflowy’s outlining features are simple to use. With information organized into headings and sub-headings, tasks are easy to identify and mark as complete. The outlining feature also allows me to take notes for project and then collapse the data so that only the headline shows in the list.

The best part is that I no longer manually rewrite my to-do list. I use this app to create my weekly to-do list and then and then transfer only a few daily actions to my calendar. This keeps me moving forward with all aspects of my work, home, and family. At the end of the week I check off completions and make any additions as needed. An added bonus is that Workflowy sends email that documents what I added and completed from the list. It feels good to receive that email and look at what I have accomplished.

For organizing and maintaining lists and notes I highly recommend this app – Workflowy. Let me know what you think.


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