Proof(s) On My Mind

Proof(s) On My Mind

Today I keep thinking of the word proof(s). Here’s why:

1. The first set of page proofs for The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook arrived yesterday. The pages look beautiful thanks to the hard work of the designer and of course the top-notch coding of the manuscript by the copy-editor. The interior is set with shaded and boxed text, menus, recipes, stories, tips, and beefy head notes. I’m typically amazed at this stage of cookbook production, or the transformation of any text to design for that matter.  Presto. Magico. (not a word I know) Beautiful. I gave the proofs a thorough side-by-side run through, and now a few final tweaks to get the final pages set. Then we head into the phase where the cookbook is proofread and indexed. Some might complain about looking at page proofs over the holiday, but since my hobby has always been reading cookbooks I consider this a holiday pleasure. Plus the best male cook I know is off work for several days next week so I can still read while the Young Aprons are directed by him to “shovel the driveway”, “clean your room”, “take out the trash”. Lucky YoungAprons. Never fear. This will be followed by, “Want to go ice skating?”, “Let’s make Chicago-style Dogs”, and “Anyone want to play Axis and Allies?”

2. I have some finely chopped pecans soaking in 80 PROOF Kentucky bourbon for my annual bourbon-ball-making session. With this in mind I’ll sign off and head to the kitchen. It’s a gorgeous snowy day here and I look forward to doing a bit of holiday baking. The photo above is my batch from last Christmas. Wish I had one right now.

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