Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Another Saturday, another opportunity to spend time in the kitchen with the back screen door and window open. I’m retesting two fall (as in the season of fall) recipes for my book. One of the recipes requires 2 hours in the oven so I thought I’d better heat the kitchen early because this afternoon it’s supposed to be nearly 85 degrees outside.

My grandmother lived in a small home with no air-conditioning. She would never have thought of “lighting the oven” on a hot afternoon. In her attempts to keep the kitchen cool we often ate sliced ham, tossed salad, and cottage cheese for dinner when the afternoon temperatures soared. To her a cold meal was better than a hot kitchen.

This weekend is Memorial Day and hopefully it presents plenty of opportunities to cook and share food and honor our veterans who make sacrifices for our freedoms.

If the grill is lit, a flat-iron steak is a perfect cut of beef for feeding a crowd because it’s a bit more economical than New York Strips or Rib-eyes.

If the garden is producing try this Arugula Pesto tasty and fresh-tasting mixed with pasta and served hot or cold.

If a picnic is in the works this Moist Carrot Cake travels well and pleases young and old picnickers.

  1. Found your blog on Friday-thoroughly injoyed it! I love to cook for all my family and enjoyed the few recipes you have posted. Flat iron steak is one of my favorite to prepare as well. Fast, easy and delicious. Look forward to more blogs from your Kentucky kitchen!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your note. I’m glad you visited~ Enjoy the flat iron steak and your summer.

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