So I Lied...

So I Lied...
OK, I lied, but not intentionally.
Yesterday I met with my editor, and the marketing department, and the production manager at the University of Kentucky Press. We sat together discussing my cookbook, the marketing plan, the illustrations, the design, the ink colors, etc., etc. We’re all excited about the book and that’s not the part I lied about. I lied about the title. (In my previous blog post.) In an effort to keep the title short, sweet, easy to remember, and of course, marketable, the title of my forthcoming cookbook is:
The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook
I like it. I really like it. So much that I returned back to my house and promptly I registered a few domain names for web pages soon to be under construction. I think the title reflects the seasonal, freshly-cooked Kentucky cooking journey my book proposes.
For the next few weeks I’ll enjoy my time without the manuscript. (The copy editor will soon have the manuscript.) I think I’ll tweak a few recipes, read a few other books (Thomas Merton, Steig Larsson, Julia Cameron, and Rachel Naomi Remen come to mind), shred some papers, and enjoy these last few days of summer before the LittleAprons return to school. We’ve had such a good summer so far: we’re no longer Disney-virgins, we had a Green Family reunion, celebrated my mother’s 75th birthday, went to see the outdoor play “The Stephen Foster Story” in Bardstown, and  just yesterday the LittleApron’s helped Granmom with some chores around her Lexington home (while I met with said publisher) and she took them to Five Guys for burgers (and fries). We have nothing to complain about here.
That’s all for now. I just wanted to give an update. The publication date is May 2011.
    1. Thanks Nancy. I think the title is right where it needs to be. Appreciate your comment.

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