Time Capsule #7 - Nina's Coca-cola Cake Recipe

Time Capsule #7 - Nina's Coca-cola Cake Recipe

The best male cook I know grew up in a very brand loyal family. The canned soda served at his boyhood home was always a Coca-Cola product. No Pepsi or RC need apply, Coke was it. So why was I surprised when I asked him if I should make a pan of brownies for a recent picnic, and he said, “No, how about a Coca-Cola Cake.” Coca-Cola Cake? I’ve made many sheet cakes, but never this one. Quickly, I dialed the phone, and Nina, best male cook’s mom, read to me her trusty recipe for Coca-Cola cake. The recipe went together easily and resulted in a moist and chocolately cake with fudge-like frosting. Perfect for picnics, barbecues, or a pot-luck, this cake travels well and fills the bill for a summer-time cake of the most brand loyal kind.

Makes One 13×9-inch cake

Cake ingredients:

2 cups all purpose flour

2 cups sugar

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter

4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

1 cup Coca-Cola

1/2 cup buttermilk

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Frosting Ingredients:

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter

4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

6 tablespoons Coca-Cola

1 pound (1 box) confectioners’ sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts

Grease and flour a 13 x 9 x 2-inch cake pan. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Stir together the flour, sugar and baking soda in a small bowl. In a large saucepan, melt and stir together, until well blended, the vegetable oil, 1 stick butter, 4 tablespoons cocoa powder, and 1 cup Coca-Cola. Stir in the flour and sugar, mixing well. Add the buttermilk, eggs and vanilla extract. Pour batter into the prepared cake pan. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until the cake is set in the middle, and springs back when lightly pressed with your index finger. Cool on a rack. The cake can be frosted while still warm, if desired.

Meanwhile, prepare frosting by mixing and bringing to a slight boil, 1 stick butter, 4 tablespoons cocoa powder, and 6 tablespoons Coca-Cola. Remove from heat and immediately stir in confectioners’ sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla until smooth. Stir in nuts. The frosting may look thin, but it will set up when cooled. Immediately pour frosting on cake, and quickly spread the frosting with a spatula or knife. Allow cake to cool for several hours before serving.

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  1. Your cake recipe sounds really interesting. I’ve never heard of using Coca-cola in a cake recipe before. I have to try and see it for myself to believe it, lol! I love baking cakes, and I’m really having fun trying as many different cake recipes as I can. My kids and friends don’t mind, they even seem excited to try my experimental cake recipes, lol! I think if I can pull this one neatly, it’ll be a great surprise for them. I can’t hardly wait. Thanks for sharing this one!

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