What We Ate Last Week Revisited

What We Ate Last Week Revisited

When I started blogging one of my regular posts was a weekly recap called What We Ate Last Week.  This was my explanation for the posts:

“For the past few years I’ve kept a log of all the food I cook. Yes, I write everything down in a little notebook. Not that high tech. When I create a new dish without a recipe I write it down. When I prepare a new dish with a new recipe I write it down, along with the source of the recipe. Whether I make Red Beans and Rice, Barbecue Chicken, or Blueberry Muffins, everything is documented in the book. Now my method of organization uses this blog as an electronic list. Maybe it might inspire you to try something new. Maybe it might make you mutter to yourself, “she doesn’t really cook all that”, or “wonder what the kids eat?”. Maybe I’ll reach a point where I can provide recipes, or shopping lists, to go along with the menus. I’m a long way from reaching that point, so for now I’ll just share the menus. Use as you wish, or not. Thank you for your support.”

Now it’s May 2010. As some may or may not know I’ve used my  “little notebook”,  notes, and  menus as the basis for the cookbook manuscript submitted a few weeks ago with the publication of my book One Year in My Kentucky Kitchen (working title) in May 2011. Due to the number of  readers who benefited from the What We Ate Last Week posts I plan to resume them on a regular basis.  Here is a sample of the most recent What We Ate Last Week post.

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