Why Do I Share "What We Ate This Week"?

For the past few years I’ve kept a log of all the food I cook. Yes, I write everything down in a little notebook. Not that high tech. When I create a new dish without a recipe I write it down. When I prepare a new dish with a new recipe I write it down, along with the source of the recipe. Whether I make Red Beans and Rice, Barbecue Chicken, or Blueberry Muffins, everything is documented in the book. Now my method of organization uses this blog as an electronic list. Maybe it might inspire you to try something new. Maybe it might make you mutter to yourself, “she doesn’t really cook all that”, or “wonder what the kids eat?”. Maybe I’ll reach a point where I can provide recipes, or shopping lists, to go along with the menus. I’m a long way from reaching that point, so for now I’ll just share the menus. Use as you wish, or not. Thank you for your support.

  1. i love this list. it’s one of my favorite things to read. i think your list shows that cooking isn’t hard – it’s just the planning ahead that stops other people from having this kind of menu themselves. that’s what i’d like to know more about – do you consult your notebook when you plan for the week? etc etc.

  2. HI Maggie,
    I did the same thing, writing down everything I made to eat and feed my family, for 3 months before I first created the two week menu with recipes on the first edition of my website waaaaaay back in 1998. Most were recipes made based on what I had on my pantry shelves and how much time I had to fix dinner. I always cook with left-overs in mind, either for filling the freezer with future “fast food” or for using as a base or ingredient for a meal later in the week.

    I enjoy the planning, thinking ahead, and the knowledge that I have a pantry, refrigerator, or freezer filled with options. I enjoy the feeling that comes with nurturing “body and soul”, intentionally taking the time to choose wisely what I eat and feed my family.

    1. Hi Diana,

      Thanks for your comment. I love that you used the word intentionally. That sums up my cooking for my family – it’s not happenstance. It is intentional. And it does feed us body and soul. What a great thought for the day.

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