Writing can be lonely place

Writing can be lonely place

I know what it’s like to be alone when writing a cookbook. For me it wasn’t the time by myself that I found difficult, it was the not knowing where to turn to get my food questions answered or to receive some encouraging words when fear set in. My editor was busy with other projects and although she responded to my questions she wasn’t a food person. In addition I didn’t have an agent cheering me on from the sidelines. When I wrote my cookbook I spent most of my days typing and testing recipes all by myself, not talking to a single soul until later in the afternoon.

Flash forward to post-cookbook publication: I felt sympathy and compassion for aspiring cookbook authors who were in pre-publication phase of writing their cookbook. Whether they were mulling over a possible cookbook concept or trying to get their cookbook proposal written, I found myself feeling sorry for them. And since I’d been in that lonely place I decided to do something about it. I expanded my work to include cookbook coaching.

Starting in just a few weeks I’m excited to offer my basic cookbook writing program called Cookbook Camp®. In this a 5-part virtual, group-coaching program I teach Cookbook Campers about the process of writing a cookbook. I encourage aspiring cookbook authors to solidify their cookbook concept, and build their platform, but most of all I provide guidance and support from someone who understands food, cooking, and how to get a cookbook written.

So, if you’re an aspiring cookbook author in the pre-publication phase of writing a cookbook and you feel isolated and alone in your work I know that Cookbook Camp is for you.  To learn more you have three options:

1. Visit my Cookbook Camp website and read the results of the program for yourself. Enroll by Friday, January 25th to receive the Early Bird Discount of $100.00 off the program price.

2. If you’re not sure a group coaching program like Cookbook Camp is for you make time to  schedule a complimentary cookbook clarity assessment with me. During this 30-minute phone call we evaluate where you are in your cookbook project and pick the cookbook coaching program or package that is best for your needs. Or, if you’re on the right track, I’ll send you on your way and hope that we meet again at a book fest or book fair in the cookbook aisle!

3. Regardless of whether or not you pick one of the two above options be sure to sign-up for my weekly cookbook writing wisdom tips in Fork, Pen, & Spoon. It might just provide the inspiration you need to get your cookbook project dream off the ground. And, when you receive it each week know that I’m thinking about you and hoping you’re not feeling lonely.


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