Cookbook and Food Writing Links Vol. 7

Cookbook and Food Writing Links Vol. 7

This roundup, while not specific to cookbooks and food writing, contains websites and organizations for writers of all genres. On these sites you’ll find information about traditional and self-publishing, book marketing, writing, freelance opportunities, agents, copyrights, contracts, and author rights.

Publishers’ Weekly

Offers updates about all things related to publishing.

Publishers’ Marketplace

A well-known site for up-to-date information about the publishing industry. Also, available is a daily called Publishers Lunch for a subscription fee that summarizes book deals, changes in staff publishing houses, and acquisitions and mergers within the publishing industry.

The Creative Penn

Geared toward writers who are interested in writing eBooks with their various routes to publishing, as well as internet marketing and promotion for books.

Write To Done

Editor Mary Jaksch shares what she and guest bloggers have learned about writing better. This blog is for any writer looking to improve their craft and their art.

Women On Writing

WOW offers on-line writing classes and search functions for publication routes and agents. Sign-up for their e-Zine promoting the communication between women writers, their editors, their agents, and more.

Writer’s Digest

An excellent on-line resource for writers that offers blog posts, resources, and articles all about writing.

Media Bistro’s Avant Guild

Join the premium membership level AvantGuild at Media Bistro to enhance freelance writing work. For a membership fee you receive access on how to pitch articles, access to health insurance for freelancers, and discounts on classes, Freelance Marketplace, and more.

Recognized by Writer’s Digest as one of the best websites for writers, this website provides a genre-specific searchable database of literary agents.

The Authors Guild

The Authors Guild is the nation’s oldest and largest professional organization for writers. Since its beginnings over a century ago, we have served as the collective voice of American authors.

Cookbook author, editor, and Culinary Dietitian Maggie Green coaches aspiring cookbook authors during the pre-publication phase of writing a cookbook. If you want to write a cookbook, and wonder if you’re ready, download her 11-point checklist Am I Ready to Write a Cookbook? 



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