You can write a cookbook and get it published

You can write a cookbook and get it published


One thing you will never hear me say is that you can’t write a cookbook and get it published.

I don’t believe that’s true.

Some writing coaches talk about hard and impossible. They act like publishing is an exclusive special club that you can’t belong to.

“It’s hard to get a traditional publisher interested in you and your idea”, they say.

“It’s hard to get a publishing contract”, they’ll tell you.

They say publishing is so hard in fact that, “we’re going to do you a favor and not even work with you.”

Some book coaches, agents, and editors talk a lot about having a certain number of followers on social media.

What if I told you that I have 900 followers on Instagram, 300 followers on Pinterest, 3000 on Twitter, a mailing list of 1500, and I don’t have a food blog?

What if I told you that this number of followers is considered laughable to many coaches, agents, and publishers?

I’ve written 2 cookbooks (both still in print) and have 2 more in production for publication in 2018. And, I’m fairly confident that as a result of a 5th idea (and maybe even a 6th) I pitched to a publisher, I could be extended another contract or two if I said I wanted to write those books.

I know it’s possible. I’m proof it’s possible.

I’m proud of my books, proud of my work, and feel excited every time I get to connect with the people who buy my books.

In fact, just yesterday, I presented at a local gathering. We had such a nice day and I sold cookbooks to some of my raving fans. I came home feeling pleased and satisfied. To me, that’s what writing a cookbook, and connecting with your audience, is all about. We all get to define our own meaning of success.

So many aspiring authors I know won’t try to write a cookbook because they believe the BS that coaches, agents, and editors tell them. They think they won’t succeed at writing or gaining a publishing contract, so they don’t even try.

What if I told you that believing naysaying coaches, agents, and editors, and not believing in yourself is failing ahead of time?

What if I told you it’s time to start to tell a new story of possibility?

What if I told you that you will never hear me say “you can’t” or that “I won’t help you”?

I truly believe that if you really want to write a cookbook, and get it published, you can – in your own way, with your own audience, and no matter what the heck anyone else says.

2018 is going to be an amazing year.

If you want to learn and work with someone who believes in you (and who has done the work of writing traditionally published cookbooks), you’re in the right place.

We’re going to learn about how to write cookbooks, how to get them published, how to promote and sell your books, and how to balance your life while doing so. We’re going to learn about how to enjoy cookbooks for the beautiful books they are, no matter what anyone says.

Cookbook author, editor, and Culinary Dietitian Maggie Green coaches aspiring cookbook authors during the pre-publication phase of writing a cookbook. If you want to write a cookbook, and wonder if you’re ready, download her 11-point checklist Am I Ready to Write a Cookbook? 

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