Cookbook Coaching

Would you like to write a cookbook, but feel alone in the pre-publication phase of writing? Are you stuck and has your project fizzled? Do you desire more support and some feedback about your cookbook concept and the next steps you should take?

I’ve been there and I know first-hand that there’s not a lot of support for aspiring cookbook authors.  That’s why I work with first-time cookbook author as their cookbook coach. Take advantage of these resources and programs designed for the first-time cookbook authors.

What Is A Cookbook Coach? 

10 Reasons to Hire A Cookbook Coach

An 11-point checklist that helps you answer the question, “Am I Ready to Write a Cookbook?”

Hungry For A Cookbook Mastermind Group ®
6-month live, video-conference group training and support program that uses a structured agenda where members set goals and brainstorm ideas. By actively participating in the process members receive encouragement and accountability from other group members to move forward with their cookbook writing project.

Cookbook Pub 101
6-week fast-track private coaching program for aspiring cookbook authors who are stuck on how it get their cookbook started. If you want to write a cookbook, but your motivation fizzled when you tried to navigate the options on your own, this program is for you. This program will provide answers you need about cookbook publishing, agents, proposals, platforms, and your compelling cookbook concept.

To learn more about any of these programs schedule a complimentary Cookbook Conversation. During this conversation with Maggie, you can discuss your cookbook project and learn more about her private and group coaching programs.