• What We Ate Last Week Resurrected

    I just sat down to a lunch of leftover Hoppin’ John (from Monday evening) and stared to think about how I stopped my weekly What We Ate Last Week blog post. The reasons I stopped are somewhat unclear to me except I was bearing down on the deadline for my cookbook and I felt like I was always eating (read testing) the same thing.  Today, I quite frankly don’t feel too much different. The cookbook is in a different stage of production that’s for sure, but in some ways I feel like I keep cooking and eating the same food/meals. So what?

    That’s the point of What We Ate Last Week. An honest glimpse into the evening meal for the GreenApron family – one whose lead cook (me) is a Registered Dietitian, former personal chef, culinary-trained, cookbook author etc., etc.  No secrets, no surprises, just a list of our evening meals.

    “Are you cooking lots of gourmet food over there”? or “How many times do you eat out”? are questions I am faced with more often than  one might realize. So next week will be the first in the resurrected installment of What We Ate Last Week.

    And now a quick question:

    Does your week start on Sunday or Monday?

    1. alison says Mar 19th 2011 1:24 pm

      love the smiley sandwich!

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