Oven-Baked Chex Mix Recipe

Oven-Baked Chex Mix Recipe

I find it necessary to post this recipe. It was and is the reason for several thousand visits to my blog. When I make Oven-Baked Chex Mix I know it’s the holiday season. I often switch out the bagel chips, this time for my beloved Cheeze-its. Let the Christmas season begin.

Makes about 12 cups

What’s your favorite tidbit to pick out of the Chex Mix?

It’s a good thing I clipped this recipe from the cereal box a few years ago. I noticed this year (and maybe this was true in recent years too) the recipe for Chex Mix included only a set of microwave directions. I’m a little funny about using the microwave to “bake” something. I’ve never tried making this in the microwave, but knowing what I know about roasting or baking I predict Chex Mix baked in an oven tastes better than Chex Mix stirred in the microwave. It does take a little longer, but that’s a wash in my opinion, because either way you have to cool the mix before eating. If you want microwave instructions just look on the back of a Chex cereal box. By the way, this recipe works perfectly fine with a store-brand Chex-type cereal if you so desire.

6 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 teaspoons seasoned salt
3/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
3 cups Corn Chex cereal
3 cups Rice Chex cereal
3 cups Wheat Chex cereal
1 cup mixed nuts
1 cup bite-size pretzels
1 cup bagel chips

Preheat oven to 250 degrees F. In an ungreased large roasting pan, melt butter in the oven. Stir in Worcestershire sauce, seasoned salt, garlic powder, and onion powder. Stir in chex cereals, mixed nuts, pretzels, and bagel chips until coated. Bake for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes. Spread on paper towels until cooled. Store in an airtight container.

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  1. I’ve never made ChexMix before. Growing up, a good friend of mine always made it around the holidays and I loved her version so much, I never bothered to make it myself. I just wait to see her every year for a taste.

    For some strange reason, I love the little wheat chex bits if taken along with a cheese nib (she uses these long skinny cheese crackers?). Also a big fan of Melba Toast bits.

    I’m terrible at anything that is made from predominately not-sugar, so I’ll let you and my friend stick to the ChexMix and I’ll benefit from your labors. 🙂

  2. Thank you – microwave check mix does not compare. You need the oven to toast the chex (not just heat them up). And the worchester sticks it together in some places which are the pieces we all fight over. This is the only way I have ever eaten it – my mama calls it Christmas trash and we look for it every year as soon as we come in. We cannot find bagel chips so we used regular cheerios. One year honey nut cheerios were mistakenly used and it was not good. And we are all nuts, so we use pecans and peanuts only which have been half way cooked before we do the oven thing. That is the only time we use the microwave. We end up with about 10 nice sized tins and beg to take our own home every year. She also makes the best peanut brittle ever.

  3. Thanks Maggie for the baked version which I grew up on before microwaves! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the recipe! My tiny microwave could never fit a bowl big enough to make chex mix in. Plus I’m sure baked is better! If you are going to go to the trouble to make it from scratch you might as well put it in the oven. If you want it fast, just go buy a bag!

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more Maggie! The oven method is the only method for this wonderful treat as far as my family is concerned…that is how my mom always made it. The aroma in the house during that hour just builds up the anticipation!

  6. So pleased to find your blog…and, like so many others, I found it looking for a non-nuked Chex Mix recipe. I think I’m going to enjoy cruising around your blog site.

  7. Thanks for posting this 😉 My son loves chex mix and I can’t imagine making it in the microwave! It smells so toasty and delicious in the oven…..

  8. this was my first time making chex mix and it turned out excellent! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you for publishing the “original” recipe, while re-reading the recipe I downloaded from the Chex site, I realized it was the microwave version, what sacrilege – baked is the way to go. Happy Holidays!

  10. Thank you sooo much for posting this “original” recipe! I made the microwave version many years ago and remember the chex cereal being rubbery and not really tasting well. I finally have another opportunity to make it and want to try baking it in the oven, so this helps a bunch! 🙂

  11. I too think nothing compares with the oven-version of this recipe. I would like to add however, that I typically will double the Worchestershire called for. (Then there is more of those pieces everyone fights for.)

  12. I also looked for a ‘baked’ version for chex mix and up came your blog. My microwave burned part of the last I made in about 2 min. on high like the recipe says – guess it really ‘nuked’ it. Thanks again.

  13. thank you. grew up on the oven version. even made it up before going to the fulda gap whil in the army in W. Germany(and no that not a typo)

  14. Thank you so much! I was amazed that when I brought home my chex cereal boxes this year there wasn’t any recipes at all. In the past, I have found it on the inside of the box. Even on the General Mills website they have “Original” Chex mix listed and give microwave directions. I know my mother was making this long before microwaves came to our house! I have made it in the microwave but do not like the soggy, somewhat chewy, burnt in places microwave version.

  15. do you cover the chex mix when baking in the oven or do you leave the roaster uncovered?

  16. This recipe taste alot richer when it is made this way. Growing up we didn’t have bagel chips so we used cherrio’s.

  17. Thank you!! I was having a hard time finding the oven way to make this. Easy is nice but the microwave is for heating leftovers not a traditional snack that we grow up with!

  18. It’s funny that everyone has mentioned the microwave version. I picked up a giant box of Chex at Costco (it has separate bags of rice, corn, and wheat in the same box), and the recipe on the box is the oven version. I came across this looking for variations. Your suggestion about Cheez-its is just awesome. I love Chex mix, I love Cheez-its, and for some reason your suggestion just made me giggle! Great modification!

    1. Thanks for the scouting report. With any luck, the boxes now have the oven-baked version again.

  19. Just looked at my boxes of Wheat & Corn Chex’s, since I’m making a batch for hubby to snack on and they have the Oven Directions along with the Microwave Directions. Didn’t notice this until after I googles Chex Mix oven version. I’ll have to try it with Cheez-its next time I make it. Sounds like something that hubby would like.

  20. I have been wanting to make a homemade chex mix for a long time! I cant wait to try this for my sons Birthday part!

  21. I agree that the oven is much better. I haven’t made this in quite sometime and was a little surprised that most recipes use the microwave. Also we are a cheesy family so I sprinkle a pack of the dry cheddar cheese from a box of mac n cheese.

  22. THANKS! YOU are right!! ALL recipes say use microwave, I believe the best way is in the oven. It tastes wonderful this way!

  23. I like the Oven version too! Microwave just doesn’t taste the same! I also add some “Original Bugles” to mine. I like the idea of the “Cheeze-its”. I may try that next time.

  24. I pinned a microwave version on pinterest and didn’t realize it was microwave until I looked up the instructions to make it today.. So onto google I went! Thank you SO much for posting this, and for being FIRST on google with the recipe! 🙂 I’ve since pinned this recipe as “REAL chex-mix!” 🙂

  25. THANK YOU! Some friends and I are getting together to share foods our grandmoms made. Who knew the baked recipe would dry up and fly away? Feeding them nuked chex mix would have been just plain wrong. Thank you for saving some of my childhood memories.

  26. Our recipe growing up didn’t have bagel chips ( no such thing). I think we my have put cheerios, does anyone remember what we actually used? Also, the pretzels were skinny stix not bite size which weren’t around then either. I must be really old.

  27. I believe prior to “bagel chips” people were using Melba toast pieces in lieu of those.


  29. Thanks for publishing this original chex mix recipe, the premade bagged stuff doesn’t hold a candle, and I can’t imagine using the microwave! Yuck!

  30. excited to try, my mom made the best and I think this was the recipe in her head .. sure miss this special holiday treat. Thanks

  31. I burned my mouth eating it before it cooled. Duuuuh. It are good. (grin)

  32. Thanks so much for posting this. My cousins didn’t have the recipe, but their dad, my uncle Hector, made this every year and it taste like the holiday’s to me. A microwave just isn’t the way to make this!!

  33. I am 72 yeas old and this sounds like the recipe that my Grandmother used to make for me when I was a child and even when I was a teen. Thank you for printing this recipe.

  34. Thank you could not remember oven temp. oven is much better!

  35. We use the recipe posted. But we use Cheese-its instead of bagle chips. We add a lot of extra peanuts and make almost a double batch of sauce.
    A true Christmas tradition.

    Thank you for posting the original recipe!

    Much love

  36. Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful recipe. The microwave version just isn’t the same and those little seasoning packets that they sell in the store don’t give the right flavor. Cheers to you!

  37. Have you ever had the wheat chex come out soggy? If so can I re-bake? I always make a 4 x batch, but the wheat chex are a bit too soggy. I use wheat chex, corn chex, rice chex, crispex, bugles, pretzels and nuts. Family loves it, but I’m not caring for the soggy wheat chex, and afraid it won’t store well.

    1. Sometimes the wheat chex are soggy if I make a large batch and the pan I bake the mix in is too deep. I’ve learned that if I make a large batch to mix it and then bake in two pans instead of one pan.

  38. Thanks this is the only way I made it but lost the recipe . Have never made in the microwave

  39. I am going to try a new recipe that I found on a box of vanilla chex mix-Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix. The recipes said to microwave but I didn’t think the chex would be crispy. So I got on here to look up the old recipe. Soooo glad you had this posted!,

  40. Thanks so much for the info on making this recipe without using a microwave. We don’t have one and wasn’t sure how to bake it in an oven.

  41. I too only use the original recipe via oven. My grown kids prefer cheezits in place of the bagel chips.I make mine a little spicier per request from family. Every Christmas I make at least five batches, they all get their own with the nuts they prefer. I am making a batch tomorrow for my dear daughter to take on her honeymoon. It will go in the picnic basket I am making with all kinds of goodies. The Chex mix will be a surprise.

  42. I apologize for the typos. I have failing eye site and didn’t catch them all before posting.

  43. I just want to thank you for posting this. I searched everywhere to find a non-microwave recipe. I bookmarked this page for the future. Thanks again!

  44. This is great! I was looking for the original chex recipe made in the oven.(Not the microwave version – I don’t understand how the people at Chex can call that the “original”, b/c it isn’t). I’ll be adding this to the card file for future reference. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  45. I have used the micro to bake, I have even done cakes in them but Chex Mix…no way can it be as good as the oven so mine is currently in the oven and thanks for providing the recipe. No room in the microw for this anyway.

  46. THANK YOU for posting the oven method recipe. I’m surprised it would not be on the Chex website but only the microwave method was listed.

  47. Thanks for publishing this post. Baked is the only way to go. If you don’t , you deprive your family of wonderful baked smells and the chance to help stir (and sample) every 15 minutes. I don’t think I established a whole lot of traditions as my kids grew up but this is one I think they’ll remember!

  48. I make mine in a non stick roaster and it is awesome. I even double and triple the recipe. My roaster has settings on it so I set it at 250, stir every 15 minutes like you do in the oven. People ask me what I do different and the only thing is making it in the roaster. Hope that helps!

  49. Thanks so much for posting this. I haven’t made this in years and couldn’t believe that even the Chex website only has microwave directions. I want to try making it with just the cereal and pretzels. But I definitely want to bake it.

  50. Hey Miss Beth the roaster sounds like a great idea. When it comes to chex mix I think we should ban the microwave!!! Oven is the best way. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    1. Frances,

      I’ve never frozen Chex Mix, so am not sure it would work. If you try it, make sure it’s completely cooled.


  51. Many thanks for posting the oven variety!!!! Such a holiday staple! 🙂

  52. Looking for in my my file but could not fine it!! Thanks for posting it, Mom and do like food cooked in microwave!!! This is my best Christmas memory with my mom in the Kitchen.

  53. this recepie has been around before microwaves were invented, why change a good thing, i make it every year around this time ,this year with chashews, a couple cups of cheerios instead of bagel chips i think is really good!!!

  54. God Bless you!!! I love my microwave but wanted the mix just like my Mom used to make and my sister still makes each year.

    With the snow storm that has come through today I am unable to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom, sister and my four nephews, their wives and kids. My lady and I are going to spend Thanksgiving with her son and family, instead of Christmas. Your site may be the only one left on this earth that mentions an oven.

    Call me crazy but I just do not see how a microwave could make the chex just the right chrispy that an oven does.

    Thank you again,
    Andy & Carol

    P.S. My mix swap is to use cashew halves & pieces instead of the mixed nuts. 🙂

  55. Thank you!! My Mom has dementia and this was the one thing she made for the holidays. I hope she will be able to share more of her stories from our childhood once she tastes this family favorite.

    1. Hi Johnny,

      The lid should be off the roasting pan for best results. Otherwise the mix will be subjected to some steam which would soften the cereal. Good luck!

  56. Thank you so much for posting this oven recipe. I didn’t want to make it in the microwave. You saved the day for me!!!

  57. I’ve made it both ways for many years. I’m convinced oven baked is better and had forgotten the temp and time this year. Thanks for posting this…

  58. I think it is to salty next year im only adding half the salt…

  59. I’m right now in the middle of making my first ever batch of Chex mix. Thank you for publishing the directions for baking it in the oven! I found the microwave directions first, and I said “Nah!”

  60. Thanks for the oven recipe. I made the microwave version last week and burned it. Followed the instructions but maybe new microwave is too powerful. Anyway, made a big mess and the smell was awful. Making the oven baked today.

  61. If memory serves, my mother’s recipe, (Nuts & Bolts), called for pretzel sticks, cheerios and the melba toast along with the chex. Great recipe then and am in the process of making a few batches today for the neighbors and work associates.

  62. I like to add about two cups of Bugles when I make this!

  63. This was a Holiday staple in our house growing up too.
    For those who can’t find bagel chips, I’ve found Gardetto’s Rye Crisps add a very nice “extra” flavor.
    I found them at Wal Mart, and bags of just them.

  64. I come back to your recipe about every other week! I should have it memorized by now! I add extra butter and seasonings, cheez-its, peanuts, cashews, pretzel goldfish, parm goldfish, and sesame sticks to this recipe. Sometimes I have chez mix for dinner…love it that much! Thank you!

  65. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I couldn’t remember what temp I needed my oven on. I’m not even going to try making it in the microwave. Something just sounds way wrong about that 🙂

  66. Thanks so much for this recipe. I did not want to try microwave recipe, this is my first time ever making this!

  67. SO happy to find this! I’ve never been able to afford to make my own party mix and finally could this year and was so dismayed to only find a microwave recipe – We don’t even own a microwave and I KNOW it would in no way compare with the baked version anyway. My sister always adds a little tabasco sauce and it is delicious. I root around for the pecans first and I’m pretty sure she adds honey nut cheerios as well – it’s a nice play to have a little sweet, little spice and lots of buttery salted bits all mixed together! Time to get baking! Cheers~

  68. very glad to find this oven recipe – microwave just isn’t the same! thanks for sharing!

  69. The long, skinny pretzel sticks only exist for one reason: they act as blockers to keep you from stuffing handfuls of this amazing stuff into your mouth at a time. Anything smaller – and less stabby – automatically ups the potential calorie intake. 😉

    Happy Holidays! On 4th batch this season.

  70. Thanks for posting this recipe — DEFINITELY agree with you about the ‘oven’ version tasting better.
    I have been making Chex Mix at Christmastime since before I went into the Navy (more years ago than I’d care to remember). My family was always glad to see me at home on leave, because I’d usually want to make a batch or two (or three); needless to say, the Mix didn’t last long!
    Through experimentation, I left out the seasoned salt altogether; I also preferred the Mix to have more of a stronger sauce flavor, so I doubled the amount of the butter, Worcestershire sauce, and the garlic and onion powders for my Mixes — it ALWAYS was a hit!
    Since I wasn’t a fan of mixed nuts, I substituted peanuts instead; I also would add a cup or two of Cheerios, pretzels (rods or minis), or other unsweetened grain cereals.

    ***I don’t know if anyone remembers back when Ralston-Purina used to enclose a packet of Chex Mix seasonings in boxes of their Chex cereals; out of curiosity, I tried it ONE time. UGGGH — the salt flavor was so incredibly overpowering that you couldn’t taste anything else. I think that that particular batch was the only one that I’ve ever had to throw away because no one would eat it!***

  71. THANK YOU! The original BAKED recipe was not on the box and I was in a panic until I found this. I could not remember what temp – just that it baked for one hour, stirring every 15 minutes. Making some now!

  72. I grew up with it also having Cheerios in it. We use ultra thin pretzel sticks and it’s amazing. The original did not have bagel chips. Those did not exist 50 years ago. Thank you so much for this oven version. I can’t believe that the nuke version would not get stale or tough and chewy in short period of time. To mix it easier during the bake time, I dump it back in the huge “that’s a bowl” I have, then mix it and put it back in the pan. That makes it easier to toss.

  73. My husband calls these nuts and bolts which his Mom used to make. They put in cheerios and pretzel sticks which are the nuts and bolts! Thanks for the baking instructions!

  74. Thanks for posting this I had to google Chex Mix Oven to find one that you cook in the oven. My grandpa made this every year and it brings back so many memories. I too can’t imagine making this in the microwave YUCK Thanks again!

    PS: I put Cheeze its in mine too!

  75. Like so many others, wanted to thank you for posting this. I wasn’t sure if I had the right temperature and cooking time stuck in my memory, and was glad to have a place to confirm it before going to the kitchen.

    I use a couple slightly different recipe variants others might like to try. The first is a simplified one.

    1 stick butter
    3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce (or thereabouts – probably a little more. I add it until the color looks like a Hershey bar)

    And then put that over your cereal, nuts and whatever else you like in there. No garlic or onions or seasoned salt. Finish it off with a sprinkle of regular salt. Simple and delicious.

    And my favorite variant is the above with a couple tablespoons of cayenne and/or habanero pepper added to the sauce, with more pepper sprinkled on at the end along with salt.

  76. One can also add in:
    Nabisco shreddies
    Quaker Corn Bran
    Life cereal

    The Canadian name for chex mix is Nuts & Bolts
    After baking i store mine in brown grocery store bags.One can even bake the mix in these bags.

  77. I just have to add my $.02 to these grateful individuals. I also was dismayed that there were only microwave instructions on the boxes and online @ the chex site… so I got back at them and didn’t buy their brand, but instead Walmart’s version of the cereals. I like to add the original miniwheats (not frosted), cheerios, cheezits and also bump up the seasoning sauce. This year, I’m going to add a few pita chips to see how that works out. I’m holding out for New Year’s Eve so I don’t pig out on this delicious childhood memory for a full 2 weeks over the holidays. Thank you so much for posting the oven directions. I couldn’t remember the temperature, either… so this is SUPER helpful!!

  78. Oops! I meant half a tbsp of cayenne in that variant, not a couple!

    Wouldn’t want anyone to injure themselves. 😉

  79. I make this every year, but I revised the ingredients a little to what my family likes. I use 1 cup chex cereal, 2 cup bugles, 2 cup of cheese balls, 2 cup corn chips and 2 cups pretzels. I also make 1 1/2 recipe of the buter-seasoning mix and bake it in the oven. My husband asks for this often !

  80. Thanks for posting. I had to Google to find the oven recipe. I didn’t really want to use my microwave either!

  81. My grandma calls this Nuts and Bolts! Does anyone remember this? She is
    93 and said this recipe was in the paper years ago!

  82. One of the orig recipes called for Tidbits but they no longer make those so I’m glad to read the different things others put in their recipes

  83. In my opinion, microwaves are for reheating some foods, making popcorn and microwaveable noodles-(which I don’t like), not for cooking…Oven baked Chex Mix is the best, my family and I love it, we like it so much, I’m making another batch this weekend, over the holidays, I shared with family and friends, so, it’s time to make some more…

  84. By the way, thank you, Maggie…I use Snyder’s of Hanover Butter Snaps (pretzels), they look like little window panes, true, the original recipe doesn’t call for bagel chips, but they taste good in the mix, I use Gardetto’s Roasted Garlic Rye Chips..I also double the sauce ingredients, definitely enhances the flavor, I use Lawry’s seasoned salt instead of Morton’s, to me, it tastes better…Regarding the mixed nuts, I go to Sprout’s, this way, I have access to getting more of my mixed nuts preference, they sell in bulk, so, it’s easy to choose them within the barrels, I’m partial to filberts, cashews, pecans and Brazil nuts…

  85. This has always been a family favorite! I make it during the Christmas holidays, but then make it just a couple times during the year……as a surprise too 🙂
    I use the tiny, skinny small pretzel sticks for a change. I always double the batch & most of the time it’s gone within 2 days. Always make in the oven for the crunchy appeal.

  86. Thanks for posting! My mother usually makes this, so I haven’t seen the recipe for years. After finding the recipe on the Chex website, I couldn’t figure how using a microwave would be right. Looking forward to making this the right way – in the oven!

  87. I love this stuff. My mom always made it at Christmas time, but it’s also great to bring camping and tailgating or any get-together for that matter. I tried it in the microwave and it was a soggy mess because of the condensation from microwaving it for so long. The oven baked method is sooo much better! Nice and crispy and it makes the house smell good too.

  88. Is anyone like me and prefers just the cereal? Mainly b/c without the nuts, crackers and bagel chips – it’s low cal/low fat….and has the crunchy texture and taste i crave. If so do you adjust the formula or baking time any?

    1. I also pick out the cereal, but haven’t ever made it with just cereal. I bet it’s good. The time might be reduced by 10 or 15 minutes, but probably not much more than that.

  89. I make mine for the oven. Similar ingredients as many before me but I find that pecans being a little tender tend to burn. Also the Wheat chez tend to burn so I I put them in for the last 30 minutes of total time of 1 hour 15 minutes. Also I use Worcestershire or Soy Sauce.
    Love this stuff!!!!!

  90. Making a double batch right now and definitely added more than the butter and Worchestershire sauce…I add while wheat Golffish and Cheerios and also more wheat Chex than receipe calls for–I like them best. Add maybe 1/2 t of ginger to the mix and chili powder.

    I can’t find the garlicky rounds that are in the packed Chex mix–but even so this is great with anything when baked…microwaving does not dry out the ingredients
    I bake for 30 min in large roaster then separate into cookie sheets for 30 more so the layers are thinner…seems to make them crispier.

  91. i use my mom’s recipe which she added 1tbs of bacon grease to the Worchestershire sause

  92. I make this in a huge batch and do it in an oven bag. This is an excellent way to stir it without crushing the fragile cereal. When it is totally cooled I fill sandwich bags and freeze-my husband grabs a bag on his way out the door in the mornings.

  93. The BEST original, yummy baked recipe. I don’t add anything else. Perfection.

  94. My family talks about Chex mix all year as one of their favorite Christmas traditions. My mom would have been over a 100, and she made Chex Mix every year. My sisters and I naturally kept up the tradition with our own families!
    I actually make about 6 batches and pack it inpretty tins as a homemade present. As others have said, I double the Worcestershire sauce, and add a dash of cayenne. My mom called the mix Nuts and Bolts, because she added Cheerios on the 2nd stir at 30 minutes. (Otherwise they soak up to much sauce and shrink up!).. Cheerios are the “nuts” and stick pretzels are the “bolts.” I usually add another snack cracker like Cheese it’s or Goldfish. There ‘s really no way to go wrong if you stay with savory seasonings and add a bit more of the butter sauce. LOVE IT! And yes, it freezes just fine.

  95. I only like the oven original recipe and we do it every year..gifting large containers to friends and families. We put sourdough chips in ours..
    It is better than the microwave kind .

  96. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I have been looking for the Original Chex Mix Recipe made in the oven. My mom use to make this for us every Christmas and would fill the empty Popcorn tins we would get with the mix. She would add the mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, cheezits, and sometimes bagel chips. Since we are all grown and moved away she doesn’t make them much anymore. So I have decided to make it for my children. They love to eat it with Jalapeno Cheezits.
    Besides I do not like cooking in the microwave. The food doesn’t taste the same.
    Thanks again for posting this recipe! Have a Merry Christmas!

  97. We use mixed nuts with no peanuts and add goldfish (instead of CheezeIts)

  98. Thanks for the oven version! The original (back in the 60s) had Cheerios and that’s what I use instead of wheat chex and have used Cheeze Its instead of bagel chips. I buy all my ingredients from Aldi’s.

  99. I couldn’t find my recipe, which was not a microwave recipe, and needed to make it today. Found yours and it was just what I wanted. The only change I made was to melt the butter in the micro and add the spices. I put all the cereal and other things in the pan and mixed them up. Then I poured the butter mixture slowly over the cereal and followed the rest of the recipe. Love it! Thanks for posting.

  100. Thanks for sharing this! I don’t know why the Chex website only lists the microwave version which is *not* as good. It turns out kind of rubbery. I’ve got about 2 minutes left in the oven for my first batch and the wait has been killing me!

  101. Thanks for the oven directions. I have them in a box somewhere, but all of my stuff is in storage! My Aunt would always make this at the holidays growing up. I asked my cousin for the recipe when I went to college and she said, “You mean the one on the Chex cereal box?!”

    When I make it, I leave out the wheat chex (I personally am not a fan), we don’t put bagel chips in, either. We always put in Bugle chips, and we like the very thin pretzel sticks, we also use deluxe mixed nuts (no peanuts).

    I’ve got a batch cooling right now. I used 2 boxes of chex (12oz each), 1.5 bags (7.5oz) of bugles, most of 1 (16oz) bag of Rold Gold pretzel sticks, and most of a (2lb) container of nuts. We ended up with approximately 3.5 times the recipe. Just put it into the big roaster (I usually have about a third in a smaller roaster because it won’t all fit) and pop it in the oven. The hardest part is stirring it!

    Happy Holidays!


  102. Thank you so much for posting this. I do not use a microwave and the website only posts microwave as you stated. Thank you Thank you

  103. I have been making triple batches the last 10 years. This year the wet mixture did not mix thoroughly and it is real salty tasting almost uneatable. Any ideas?

  104. Thank you so much for posting the oven directions! I was extremely disappointed at finding only microwave ones online and on the boxes.

  105. Love this recipe! My Momma used to make it at Christmas and like some the cooks here, she added extra seasoning, Cheerios, and no peanuts. My kitchen smells so good right now — my batch is cooling!

  106. My friend gave me a gift basket this year for Christmas and included her version of CHEX MIX a la garlic & chipotle. A little too spicy for me, but it was sooo good!! Will definitely try my hand at this soon. My hubby’s favourite snack food is BITS & BITES. He could eat it every day of the week.

  107. Thank you! You saved me. I love Chex Mix but I went wheat free this year so can no longer buy it at the store. I used only the corn and rice Chex, wheat free pretzels and half cashews and half mixed nuts (2 cups).

    Can’t wait until it is done so I can snack on it while I watch the big game!

  108. I mistakenly bought unsalted mixed nuts one year for a holiday party.
    I had no time to return them and buy salted, so I searched the net for ideas.
    I came across the oven version for Chex party mix, and decided to go for it using just the mixed nuts, plus I added some cayenne pepper and celery salt for a little more flavor.
    My family and friends beg me to make them now for any occasion.
    I love happy mistakes!

  109. It is so interesting the versions there are of Chex party mix! Growing up in the ’60s and ’70s I only remember one version which I still make for my kids and grandkids. I use unsalted real butter-3 sticks to be exact, triple the Worcester sauce but the same amount of lowerys seasoned salt. No other seasonings. I make up the butter and seasonings and stir well. First thing that goes in are cocktail peanuts then pretzel sticks broken in half (so they will absorb more sauce) its probably about a cup & a half then 4 cups of each cereal. Stir and bake. So simple and perfect. Shame on the chex company for that garbage they sell in a bag. That is nasty stuff! They should also be giving the real recipe out. Not everything needs to be microwaved. Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

  110. There is nothing like the original mix made low and slow in a REAL oven. Not even the official CHEX site has this one any more.


  111. Thank you for posting the baked version.

    My mom use to make this for us as kids and it was so delicious.
    Now my family is scattered all over and I was at the store and decided to make this it kinda feels like the holidays with it and I have tried the microwave version before and not as good.
    It took me awhile to find this site everything is microwave but the wheat Chex my favorite is just not the same unless baked.

  112. Making my annual “before turkey day” batch..,,,added cheddar goldfish instead of Cheezits, no bagel chips but added cherries and its all in the oven making my house smell yummy!!

  113. For those who were asking about the Wheat Chex getting soggy, I always add them (and my Cheerios) AFTER the butter and seasonings have been stirred into and distributed with the other ingredients. THen I mix in my Wheat chex and Cheerios. My family also likes cheese balls added, and those are also added with the Wheat Chex and Cheerios.

  114. I use Cheerios instead of Wheat Chex and Sesame Sticks instead of bagel chips. I also add some celery seed and dill weed.

  115. If anyone feels that their finished baked chex mix is too salty, just use a paper towel while still warm, stir and use paper towels to absorb some of the salt. I have winged this recipe for years and prefer Wesson oil to butter. I also only use garlic salt and worcestershire sauce and pour the oil, w sauce and garlic salt on each layer. Compared to most recipes, I just pour three chex, pretzels and nuts in with each layer and then mix the entire thing. I leave this in the oven, stirring each half hour for 1.5 hours and then turn the oven off and let the alum pan with chex remain in over an additional half hour. Takes work, but each piece is as good as every other. Microwave recipe is just.not.good.

  116. Thank you for posting this baked in the oven version. My box of Chex did not have the party mix on it at all. I much prefer the oven baked mix over the microwave version.

  117. Thank you sooooo much for posting this recipe! Oven chex is the best!

  118. I’ve been doing this in my crock pot. Cook 2hrs on hi stirring every 15min..Don’t cover..Works just great.

  119. Like you I only found the microwave recipe. What a shame. Found you in a Yahoo search. First batch is in the oven now. Thank you so much honey. Signed up for your email. Happy Holiday.

  120. I just wanted to make a note. The original, original recipe did not have onion or garlic of any type in it.
    It also did not have bagel chips. And it was definitely oven roasted because it was before microwaves were invented. It also called for real butter not margarine.

    I’ve been making this for about 45 years or more. I was looking for the original recipe because I misplaced mine.
    The true original is nowhere to be found.

    1. These are interesting notes on the original recipe for Chex Mix. I’ll keep my eyes open for one with no garlic powder and butter instead of margarine.

  121. Chex Mix tastes the best made in the oven. I was surprised that the Chex people only had the microwave method on their website. My husband grew up with Chex Mix so I kept up with the tradition. Sadly couple years ago he was in kidney failure and could no longer have the chex mix but this year he’s finally healthy enough to enjoy it again. Thank you for posting the oven method.

  122. My aunt always made Party Mix for everyone at Christmas when I was growing up; she added a can of potato sticks. Thanks for posting your version. I didn’t get mine made before Christmas but I’m making today for snacks with winter storm supposed to arrive this weekend.

  123. This green apron baked Chex mix is perfect. I used Melba toast since I had no luck finding Bagley chips that were plain. The family lived it. Thank you.

  124. I make it with the garlic rye crisps, cashews, and macadamia nuts. It’s delicious!!

  125. Thanks for posting this. I always seem o forget the seasoning mix/ratio. It’s been long overdue since I’ve made this, the house currently smells amazing 😀

    While my parents/grandparents only made Chex Mix around the holidays, I don’t like to wait for only the holidays 🙂

  126. My very old handwritten recipe called party mix, with butter and without garlic, follows:

    1/4 cup butter, 1 1/4 tsp seasoned salt, 4 1/2 tsp Worcestershire, 8 cups cereal, 1 cup nuts, 1 cup pretzel sticks broken in half.

    Melt butter in oven in large baking pan at 250*. Stir in seasoned salt and Worcestershire. Add cereal, nuts, and pretzels and combine thoroughly. Bake one hour at 250*, stirring every 15 minutes.

    The cereal was always Chex, corn, rice and wheat. This is a very simple recipe, maybe an original original, and over the years I have made adjustments depending on what I wanted or had on hand.

    Any way you make it, it is irrestible – so long as it is baked.

  127. My family always made this from scratch, but always used a bit more butter, garlic powder and Worcestershire. Since they started making “traditional Chex mix” (available in the snack aisle) I sometimes cheat and use several bags of the Chex mix as a time saver, but I still follow the oven recipe. Still yummy!

  128. I tried goldfish for the cheesy bit and it worked well. Thanks for the oven recipe, def the way to go!

  129. Are these roasted or salted nuts that you are using? Or is it better to use raw, unsalted?

    1. Hi Kirsten,
      The recipe uses roasted, salted nuts. You could use roasted, unsalted if you wish to, but I usually just buy a can of roasted, salted. Good luck!

  130. I ALWAYS make the baked version- double batch at a time. This time I am making it for the Gluten Free members in my family- (and they don’t do nuts either!) but forgot the temperature so googled for that, and it brought me here. I will be back! BTW, the “original” did not have bagel chips, but if you ever find the recipe on a box it now calls it “original” I personally leave out the onion and garlic because I just like the seasoned salt and extra Worcestershire. My favorite are the wheat chex but of course am omitting them from this version and using 4 1/2 cups each of corn and rice and extra GF pretzels.

    1. Thanks, Jeanne. This is a nice way to make the Chex Mix into a gluten-free snack. For those of you with celiac, make sure your Worcestershire sauce is GF.

  131. Thanks for publishing. I agree not to microwave rather bake and everything wants you to use a microwave. I don’t have a big enough microwave even if I wanted to. I believe it looses something if not cooked in oven. THANKS. Also I use more worcestershire as I like the flavor it adds.

  132. Nice post.This is the best recipe ever. You will remember it…..
    I’ve been making this 40 years.
    3 cups wheat, rice, corn chex
    1 cup pretzel sticks 1 cup plain cherrios
    1 jar planters peanuts salted or unsalted
    1/2 can mixed nuts ( or more)
    1 stick margarine ( blue bonnet)
    1 stick butter
    3 tablespoons worchestershire sauce
    1Tablespoon season salt, celery salt, garlic powder
    1 teaspoon onion powder, garlic salt
    225 degrees 1 hour There is no turning back now….Your Welcome.

  133. I like this recipe! We are not big fans of pretzels, so I use Cheerios and oyster crackers in addition to the Chex cereals and nuts. I sometimes add Cheddar goldfish as well. Whatever I have that makes up 12 cups!

    1. I like the oyster cracker idea instead of pretzels. You really can use (almost) anything and it turns out well. Thanks for the ideas.

  134. Maggie,
    Thanks for th recipe, I have been making it for years from my dad’s recipe and lost it : ( so was glad to find yours. I too could not find the recipe on the box.

    Growing up we called it “nuts and bolts” because he put stick pretzels and cherrios in it. We also didn’t put the nuts in until th last 15 minute and added the celery salt.

    Thanks again for posting!

    1. You’re welcome. So glad this recipe is here for you to use this holiday season. Nuts and Bolts is a fun name for this mix, especially with pretzels and Cheerioes. Thanks for the tips!

  135. Thank you for posting this recipe that is not cooked in the mircowave .

  136. I’m 53 years old and I don’t ever remember a Chris without Chex mix. Always oven baked! I lost my notes and wanted to conform oven temperature and landed here. It’s great that you are still reading comments six years later! My dad made this, batches and batches of it every year. He sat it around the house in brandy snifters. Don’t know why but it had to be brandy snifters. We kept multiple big Tupperware cake tubs just to keep “mix” in every Christmas. We have family competitions now to see who’s is closest to our memory of our dads mix! Great memories!

    1. That sounds like fun and I love the brandy snifters your Dad used! Let me know how the competition goes. Merry Christmas.

  137. Searched everywhere for the oven baked version of this recipe. Finally found your post. You just might be the last source of the authentic, original recipe. Thanks for keeping it alive!

    1. You’re welcome, Wendy. I do get a lot of traffic for this original cooking method. So glad you found it.

  138. I made this for the first time this week. This recipe is the best! The Chex come out extra crunchy because of the baking process (I’m pretty sure microwaving would not result in the light extra crunchiness.) Thanks for posting this. It’ a new family tradition in our house!

  139. I just panicked, as the saved link said 404. You must have changed your link structure. Whew!

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