Episode 291: Cookbook Public Relations with Lifestyle Book Publicist Andrea Burnett

Episode 291: Cookbook Public Relations with Lifestyle Book Publicist Andrea Burnett

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the podcast. Very excited to bring you a behind-the-scenes interview today about cookbook public relations and publicity. 

Before we dive into the show, Traditional publishers get a bad rap in a lot of writing circles. I hear them described as profit-seeking enemies who are out to steal our ideas or, worse yet, our souls. I have loved all of my publishers. They were partners in helping me create beautiful books so that I could share my recipes and stories with the world. And the team of editors, designers, layout experts, printers, photographers, indexers, marketers, and distributors they paid was amazing too. With traditional publishing, we, as cookbook writers, provide the recipes and stories, and publishers work the book magic. We become a cookbook concept machine, writing and cranking out book concepts and manuscripts, and our publishers create the books. If you want to learn more about publishing in this way, where you get published without spending any of your own money to edit, design, print, or distribute the book, head over to www.cookbookwritersacademy.com/free to learn more. 

Today on the podcast, I’m excited to have an interview with Andrea Burnett. Andrea is the Founder of Andrea Burnett Lifestyle Public Relations. Andrea has been a lifestyle book publicist and publishing professional for over 25 years. She’s worked for top-tier publishers, including Penguin Random House, Ten Speed, Chronicle Books, Quarto, Cameron, Abrams, Artisan, Page Street, Hardie Grant, and many others. Andrea specializes in lifestyle non-fiction books focusing on cookbooks, and has been fortunate enough to do PR for some notable award-winning culinary professionals, including many of the authors I have had here on the Cookbook Love Podcast. Food and cooking are a passion of Andrea’s, so cookbooks are always a pleasure for her to promote. Today on the podcast, we talk about trends in traditional, self, and hybrid publishing, what it takes to get a book deal, specific things first-time authors can do to help their publicist, as well as the cost of hiring a publicist to help promote you and your book. 

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Things We Mention In This Episode:

How to Get Paid to Write a Cookbook training

Andrea Burnett Public Relations

Milk Street Cookbooks

The Essential New York Times Cookbook

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